Summation Part 1

"If you had to define how your life is and has been how would you do it?"

At the beginning life and the world weren´t right, nor was I by a long shot. But I was young, very ignorant and physically healthy, so able to enjoy some of the games and illusions. Already by that time I knew and created suffering, and started to notice that I knew it better than my -seemingly- peers; that I created it a faster and more efficient rate. A person and a vortex, an organic portal of problems if you will. Wheter this happens because of law of attraction displaying itself in a naturally pessimistic person or because of a more obscure fate I cannot say.

In the distant child of those times an inner turmoil comprissed of desire to wreak havok hasted him to break things, cause trouble and lark. Strangely, I have discovered some psychiatrists are of the opinion that this behaviour in a kid is nothing less than a form of depression. The kid didn´t feel depressed in my opinion, depression would come later, it was something else.

At the beginning life was something that I took for granted, even while I did not like it as a whole, and performed poorly in it´s more decisive parts. I enjoyed the ride still...
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