Suffering and spirituality

Wayne;200492 said:

I just did a quick google search, and found the following on Wikipedia:

I'm not sure what kind of reply you were hoping for, but I think the above two people were quite likely the victims of some kind of psychic prank. I have major doubts that Christ or Jesus would ever ask people to become victims. Just doesn't make any sense to me.

As your question possibly relates to this thread, I would never, as someone with ME, want to categorize myself as being a victim. It just strikes me as an being an incredibly self-defeating attitude to carry around. And I believe the attitudes we hold eventually causes certain things to show up in our lives.

Best, Wayne


Wayne, Firstly why would I hope for any type of reply when asking a question for discussion? I think I made it clear I was taking a chance about being perceived as weird or negative but had the courage to go forward. Secondly with a thread that has covered reincarnation, near death experiences and suffering and spirituality, why wouldn't victim souls relate? There are marytrs and mystics that took on suffering as a way of getting closer to God, I don't mean people who bring suffering consciously to themselves but ones who in the thick of it, finally accept it. In our situation, in my opinion, this does not mean no longer fighting for justice in a search for a cure, awareness or better syntom care but until that happens, we are victims. Just read the blogs. We are victims of inadequate physicians, prejudice, government, bad neighbors, unscrupulous bankers, polluting companies etc. Do we take it lying down, no pun or do we keep trying to liberate ourselves? Or do we accept it because the fight is hurting us more? When do we take time out and "Let go and Let God" . A season for everything. I'm interested in what others think and feel about this.

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