Suddenly I can walk farther!

Many of you are familiar with the basics of my story. Mostly bedridden for 8.5 years, then significant improvement from a combination of n advanced form of cranial osteopathy, meditation techniques, lots of rest and intense lifestyle changes.

The past 3ish years my improvement has continued, but been gradual as I struggle to survive on the streets in my van. My osteo says if I just get some stability and reduced stress my body could heal a lot more, but life happens. 2 years ago I met the love of my life. Having an amazing reliable caregiver took a weight off my shoulders. Continued improvement has been hard to see unless I look back a year. I still end up in the ER ever other month or so with severe GI issues or other stuff. Still have a laundry list of secondary issues too long for doctors to go through. Extensive dietary restrictions. Etc.

Up until last week, I could still only walk about a block, slowly, maybe two, before needing to rest. And that was on a good day. While using hiking poles.

A couple days ago I jogged 2 blocks and had energy to spare.

No crash.

Yesterday I speed walked about 5 blocks without resting. I was barely even breathing hard afterwards.

Neither of these utilized my hiking poles, which I've been relying on for a good 4 years now.

It's amazing and awesome. The improvement happened so fast I'm still adjusting to it. I don't want to push myself hard enough to crash, but strangely I can just....DO things now. This is in the midst of having to drive 4+ hours a day and getting very little sleep various nights and lots of stress due to complicated stuff. It's not a good time to test limits because my body is super run down.

But it also most definitely wants exercise now. If I don't manage to walk at least 10-15 minutes a day my body feels yucky. It WANTS exercise, now.

The only thing that changed recently is I got three teeth pulled about a month ago. Two were abscessed, and the infections have been present for a good 5 years at least.

I don't share this as a potential cure. There are many factors that have contributed to my healing and this is simply one more.

But rather I want to share just how this healing process works, when it happens. I DON'T have to convince myself to exercise more. That has NEVER been part of my healing process AT ALL. As soon as my body was capable, it began to crave it. I don't push myself to build muscle and endurance. I just do however much my body naturally wants. And last week I did a combination of walking and jogging 4 blocks total there and back to a nearby restroom.

My world has expanded SO MUCH!

This is awesome for me, and I wish I could share it with you all.

But what I CAN give you is maybe a bit of validation.

There are reasons your body is not up to doing stuff. All this graded exercise shit can just be shoved where the sun don't shine.

When the reasons your body is intolerant to exercise are addressed, then you will want to exercise. It's as simple as that. The problem is NOT muscle atrophy - look, I had that from being bedridden so long, and it was pretty easy to address myself the moment my body was physically capable.

I hope you all can someday encounter some of the healing I'm experiencing. In the meantime, keep your chin up, keep doing whatever works for you, and ignore those stupid naysayers who don't have a clue what they're talking about. I'm recovering and it has absolutely nothing to do with pushing exercise.



Wonderful news! I had ME very badly in my 20's and when I improved in my 30's I too felt the healthy urge to exercise more. That is one of the things that makes the whole graded exercise 'treatment' a joke. When you are healthier your body tells you, you don't need to p ush it to do stuff. I am happy for you!!!!
Great news, Dainty. It makes me wonder yet again whether my recent (a little over a year) worsening is due to my teeth. They definitely need pulling/filling, but I don't have the money yet, and I'm waiting to register with a 'cheap' dentist. Been waiting since December. Just waiting for someone to move or die, I guess!
@MeSci I was waiting on finding a dentist that would take my medicaid AND be willing to do work on me, and had been searching for a few years before my teeth got so bad I decided to plunge into debt to pay for an expensive dentist and save my own life. It had been life-threatening for a couple years before I made that decision, and I think it was the right one. Please don't wait too long, it's so important!
Wow! I am so glad to read this. It must be absolutely wonderful to have your body crave exercise. I'd guess that for each of us there might be different things preventing it but it looks like those infections were key for you. Congrats! I am so happy for you.
Congratulations Dainty!!! Days and days go by with my body not wanting to move. And then a day comes when it wants to walk. I'm always reminded on these days that no, I'm not lazy, this is not about my mind. So glad you're doing so well, AND in love. XO
Great news Dainty. Thanks for sharing. So good to hear after all you have been through.
Totally agree "When the reasons your body is intolerant to exercise are addressed, then you will want to exercise."
Thanks for sharing this and it gives me great hope. I have had some recent improvements too that I have not shared publicly yet (although nothing even close to the level that you have experienced)! But reading that gives me hope that it is possible. Thank you for sharing and I am very happy for you!
My 25 year old son is almost bedridden with this disease and he has had it for about 2.5 years. I would like to explore cranial osteopathy. What is the name of your practitioner/physician that helped you? I am trying so hard to help him and I feel so helpless. Thank you!
I am so happy to hear that you are having a positive recovery! Keep up the continued success and courage and optimism!
@Nickster I'm so sorry to hear about your son. The name of the physician who helped me so much is Dr. Richard Koss, D.O.. He's extremely busy and works without a secretary so sometimes you have to contact him several times before he gets back to you and to not fall through the cracks. I also recommend the physician search at this website: And making sure to only choose osteopaths who practice cranial osteopathy on 100% of their patients. You can also call them ahead of time and ask if they've dealt with severe chronic illness before, or can recommend someone who might be better suited. Cranial osteopaths tend to have very little ego, and they'd rather see your son going to whomever gives him the best shot at healing than take your money. That's what happened with me - someone we never even saw, but had an appointment with, recommended Dr. Koss when she heard how severe I was.

The process of cranial osteopathy is a rather disorienting one, and having emotional support through that time was really important, too.

Wishing you all the best! Feel free to contact me privately too if I can help with anything else. I can't always reply right away but I will when I can.
Hello Ms. Dainty, congrats on the steady improvement with your health! I am curious about your use of cranial osteopathy. I would like to learn more about it and see if it might be integrated in my wellness plan too. I have used a combination of treatments suggested by a functional M.D. and LAc.

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