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Strikes & Gutters

I was at a 3 when I got up today, sooo exhausted, & took the Fluconazole, realized I still had an empty stomach so gave the lactoferrin a whirl (it does have , after all), then felt brave enough to try the Asian goo, which was my one hit of sugar for the day. I also felt much better after skin brushing & a shower (I had to wash those metals right out of my hair!), which brought me well above a 5; I proceeded to take dose 2 of Asian remedy, & then had horrible, horrible brain fog. I guess I just don't understand brain fog. Where does it come from? Why does it get so bad? I think I heard the nerves yell, "Ahhhhhhh!" as they died their terrible death. When malaise began to creep in, I decided against zinc & more for the ritualistic skin brushing (those people on that show Obsessed are not going to have anything on me). All in all, a good day. My plans for tomorrow are for possibly increasing the goo to 3 times a day. Oh, & if this is all about food sensitivities, I don't want to know.


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