Still on most of Joshua Leisk protocol

I started taking Lomatium Dissectum glycerite tincture from Planetary herbals about 5 days ago.

Having a fairly strong response to it, takes a few days for the cumulative effect of oat bran/reishi/lomatium to kick in.

But the herx is fatigue, dizziness and much worsened brain fog. I feel incredibly tired too, I woke up thismorning more tired than I have done recently and it was pretty difficult to get up.

Anyway lomatium is primarily an anti viral for h1n1, but it shows clear in vivo and in vitro efficacy against a number of other viruses like HSV, HPV, CMV, etc. It's unclear whether it works on hhv-6 and others. But I've had good results with it the past and there are predictions (no solid evidence) that it will work against covid19 as well. So another good one to have as a proxalxis.

It causes an absolutely terrible rash in 1% of people, so not without its risks and therefore I can't see researchers chomping at the bit to use it in studies due to this issue.

But it's kicking my arse at present!

It's also an anti microbial, but I am not certain which bacteria it goes after or how it does this. But I get the feeling it won't kill good bacteria, whereas a lot of other natural anti biotics do this.

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