Still on most of Joshua Leisk protocol

Busy week this week and yet I felt much better from Monday onwards than I did the preceding week. What changed? I re started my liposomal glutathione in the AM 5ml's. This no longer knocks me on my ass and I'm able to tolerate it just fine. But the added benefit is I get a huge energy boost which lasts all day.

Lots of updates this week:


This energy boost isn't just physical but more importantly is mental which means only a smidge of mental fatigue. Brain fog hasn't really been around since I started the egcg but mental exhaustion and fatigue reappeared after I stopped the oat bran.


Because the mental fatigue was so bad 10 days in a row I decided last week to start Lauricidin because usually it has a huge effect on my mental energy and ability to concentrate for hours without getting sleepy. While this did work very well (until the glutathione took over and I stopped the Lauricidin - see below). The Lauricidin must have killed a lot of good bacteria because I'm now semi constipated. I've also had abdominal issues and trapped wind because of this this week. I had been enjoying zero gastro issues for a long time. Because of this I doubt I'll take Lauricidin again anytime soon.

Why did I take it? A theory that neutropenia is caused by viruses. Lauricidin is the only decnet natural anti viral I know apart from andrographis. So that's why I tried it

Joshua Leisk update

Josh has been busy continuing his citizen science looking at people's blood samples under microscope. He says he's now done almost 800 samples and he's seen the same red blood cell abnormalities in all of them. He's hones his treatment for the red blood cell issues to the following:

1g nac 3 x a day
500mg bicarb between meals 3x a day

With this he seems immediate resolution over 6 days of coagulation. As Dr Yaeger is seeing something similair and so are others I think it's safe to say that this is all the same thing.


From the above to this:


Hematology, Neutropenia and vaccine injury

I got a letter back from my consultant hematologist. I accessed my private GP notes to view this. Which said "neutropenia can often occur after glandular fever and covid jab." As my glandular fever resolve ages ago I'm convinced the covid jab must be the source. Plus if the NHS are saying this they must be seeing it a lot. Or why have any certainty in it at all?


I've got a new blood test next week.

I'm definitely starting to feel better. What I am noticing is that the protocol seems to increase inflamation and this ends up causing problems in my upper back. But at the same time when this occurs my energy levels are very stable PEM is pretty much non existent and I'm able to go out and do things without too much payback. I believe that the inflamation in my body goes high at these times but I've no idea why.
It's not clear if this lasts long term though or if it's some sort of long term healing reaction.

I forgot to say the only thing that helps get rid of this upper back inflamation is to go for a walk. Which gets rid of it for 24 to 48 hours. So maybe lack of blood flow? Could be anything.


I've decided not to get the booster for the time being. I'm quite concerned about further side effects but I'm also concerned about relapsing for 3 months. Part of me thinks if my protection is good enough with 2 vaccines and I'm strong and feel good then surely my body will be able to beat the virus back? Especially considering how many blood thinning things I take. I'd rather have a booster but Dr Weir and others have recommended ME and LC patients do not get vaccines. Which peaked me interest in reconsidering.

@Jyoti @Mary @Nuno @hapl808


@godlovesatrier - I'm really glad to hear you're feeling so much better! :thumbsup:

About the bicarb - that's something I want to start taking for various reasons. Some athletes say it helps improve performance and energy, and your response to it, and Joshua's findings re red blood cells and bicarb - maybe, maybe, it might help stave off PEM, though that seems a bridge too far! Nothing I've taken has ever helped prevent PEM, though the BCAAs speeded up my recovery from PEM by more than 50%.

Anyways, what is the form of your 500 mg. bicarb - is it sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)? or something else? I plan to use potassium bicarbonate because my BP has been high so am avoiding sodium. And I can't find bicarbonate in any other form.

Re neutropenia - I've had that for over 20 years, and doctors just shrug. But I get sick a LOT! Actually am fighting something most of the time. I get sick every time I crash and that's at least once a week. That's another reason I want to try the bicarb - it's supposed to alkalinize your system, which supposedly may help ward off viruses and other illnesses.

Anyways, I hope your improvements continue, and thanks for keeping such a detailed record in your blog of what you're doing! :)

One last question - what is the liposomal glutathione product you are taking? I've taken glutathione off and on, and it usually makes me feel crappy, I don't like it! But I guess that means I need it - I've never tried it in liposomal form which I am sure would be more potent. Anyways, what product are you taking?
Hey Mary,

I do feel a lot better. I did crash today tho. Woops! But I did a 52 minute walk. Probably the longest I've ever done flat out. Well close to it. But yes need to recuperate now!

I take sodium bicarb. I'm sure potassium bicarb will work ok :)

Ah you too? Yes the neutropenia could just be ME. But I had an opportunity to make the NHS do some tests on me so I took it. But really I can't see it meaning much. I've forgotten this though in the excitement of getting anything useful back from the consultants.

I'm also contacting Dr Bansal for antivirals and seriously considering doing the autovaccine treatment as the other option is to take antivirals for life basically.

Liposomal glutathione is just like NAC you won't feel good on it for weeks. I'd advise you to take it before bed (it will knock you out so you can sleep) and then if your lucky at some point yoy will start to feel slightly energised by it. Which will keep you awake. You then switch it to the morning and at that point you should see impressive results. Sadly were all different but you and I are pretty alike it seems! So I think you might be reacting in exactly the same way I do Mary.
Brand is Pure Health Liposomal Glutathione. Comes in a plastic syringe.
Wow - 52 minutes is a long walk - no wonder you crashed! I couldn't do it. But so glad to hear you're so much better!

Okay, I'm going to order some liposomal glutathione, and thanks so much for the tip about taking it at night! I can use all the help I can get with sleep! :sleep:
seriously considering doing the autovaccine treatment as the other option is to take antivirals for life basically.
I may be naive, but am hoping to support my immune system enough so that it can deal with these pesky viruses on its own . . . one can dream, right? :whistle:

But I look forward to hearing about the autovaccine treatment if you give it a go :nerd:
I've found valerian extract very useful by the way. Then again my sleep problems are caused by immune activation not ME per say. So not sure if that will be helpful.

Yes even I was surprised id managed 52. But my muscles are fatigued and I feel quite toxic (in the blood/brain chemistry) so lots of toxins seem to be in me now. See if the glutathione gets rid in the morning.

You could try oat bran. It's super cheap. It will activate your immune system though so you will feel a bit crappy for a few weeks. But in my opinion it's very well worthit. Just don't stop taking the andro as you'll need that. I'm not sure how important the reishi is with oat bran. But at any rate you need to take 1 tablespoon in the morning. You can always work up on the dose.

Yep chatting to Hip at present. Figuring out how to contact the clinic and what I need to do too. Fingers crossed!

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