Still on most of Joshua Leisk protocol

I've been off oat bran for about a week or two now and I started to suffer with tiredness this week, which I attributed to a cold but it's not really getting better. Tiredness is the wrong word it feels like mental burnout to be honest.

I am fairly convinced it's the lack of oat bran because I am yawning a lot in the day and wake up tired and go to bed tired. That hasn't been my normal for months, so I think this is due to the oat bran.

I'll be getting bloods tested in the next 14 days, to figure out if the neutropenia has stopped/slowed down without the oat bran. I am sort of hoping it hasn't so I can get back on it again :/
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Hey Judee,

It's a UK brand I'm afraid. Can't actually remember the name. But just make sure you buy oat bran that certifies the beta glucan content @ 2%. And be prepared to feel sicker for 2 weeks after that you should start to see improvements for 3 to 6 months.

It's not clear how important reishi is to be honest. I think your safe to try it without.

But your sore throat will get much worse initially, you'll just feel a lot worse. But it passes. When it passes don't ever stop taking it. You must take it every day.

I've just started it again because I woke up today totally exhausted and I don't know why. Physically I feel ok but mentally spent. Which is not a good sign. I was fine the week before I got this cold so I think it's just the lack of bets glucan

It does mean I can't complete my experiment to find out whether beta glucan is the cause of the neutropenia. Although I checked my diary and I started oat bran after my second covid dose and at that point my neutrophils had already dropped slightly. So it's possible they aren't the cause.

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