Still on most of Joshua Leisk protocol (6 months on protocol)

Looks like the dizziness and nausea I experienced after the booster were from re-starting beta glucans and not the booster itself.

At any rate it's day 8 now after my booster and the effects if I discount the above two have actually been incredibly mild. I guess it just shows that a half dose and an mrna non live vaccine do make a huge difference. I wonder if all ME feel like this when getting a half dose and an mrna.

At any rate unlike my AZ reaction which involved a 2 to 3 month relapse, it looks like my baseline will only be lowered for about 5 weeks. I reckon after that point I should start making some big gains and hopefully get back to where I was in April when I first started joshua's protocol.

I'm going to be taking the oat bran for a few weeks to deal with any reactivations that may have occurred as a product of the flu vaccine and mrna vaccine booster. Then I'll be stopping for about 2 months and I will probably only take the beta glucans every 2 months, so that neutropenia doesn't occur.

When I stopped the oat bran yesterday I actually felt really good, I exerted myself to almost maximum which would normally result in a crash but I didn't crash for very long, I took 600mg r-ala, 700mg NAC, 2000mg magnesium ascorbate and 1 malic acid capsule when I started to crash and that massively took the edge off.

I appear to have made bigger gains over time with the joshua leisk protocol that I did at any point before and these are health cumulative effects. Side effects have become less apparent and less problematic over time too.

Even if I got omnicron at this point I am not sure I'd have a great deal to worry about.

My main issue now is upper back pain which is definitely a product of the protocol. Seems much worse when I take liposomal glutathione. I get terrible pain in my right shoulderblade, but this can move to my left shoulderblade without seemingly any reason.

Also I think my heart definitely became inflamed with the mrna vaccine and it will take a few weeks to heal, I guess it might not eeel quite right for a few months. I've noticed I can't do any heavy lifting without feeling really unwell, plus I get mild chest pain, all of which are symptoms I never have with ME.

Remains to be seen what further treatments I might need to get into full remission, or if the protocol itself will do the trick.
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