Still on Joshua Leisk protocol

Inosine week 1 must be day 5 now. 500mg down from 1g first two days. It seems to be working on the whole. But almost impossible to get to sleep totally reliant on nytol which is really bad.

Secondly it's totally dried my mouth out meaning I've started to get another ulcer. But this should go away soon.

More importantly when I first started beta glucans I had all these same reactions. Worsened sore throat, ulcers, dry mouth, fatigue, breathlessness, low energy. But it resolved suddenly after about 2 or 3 weeks. So perseverance at least seems to be key.

I'm intending on doing 1 week of Inosine and then 1 week of beta glucans in a rotating schedule so that I don't get neutropenia from the beta glucans and both the beta glucans and the Inosine don't loose their efficacy. This should mean I get maximum viral clearance from both of the immune modulatorsp

Plus I have a theory that beta glucans might swallow bacterial infection a lot better than viral infections. So using two immune modulators that do different things is a good idea.

I will likely add famvir in too although cost might be a thing there.

I'm on the fence about whether equilibrant is a good idea. I've ordered some but not sure if it will just truly wreck my sleep.
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This is an odd thought but I find that the eye drops with hyluronic acid in them moisturize my eyes better than anything. They're very soothing and the effect lasts for a long time after I use them.

I just looked on US Amazon and you can buy hyuluronic lozenges too. I was wondering if that would be helpful with your dry mouth issues. It's also supposed to be healing.

[Hey, I did just find one for "dry mouth." Of course, make sure the other ingredients wouldn't cause issues for you. Other Brands (I think Luckyvitamin is also a US site. You could see if they do international shipping though. (shrug)]

Let us know how the equilibrant does for you if you can.
Today wasn't too great. Brain fog very bad just couldn't focus or concentrate on work at all. Really need a month or two off to start this famvir treatment. But can't afford to take a break from work to do that for a few years. I suspect famvir is going to cause all the same issues and oxy might too.

This dry mouth issue started or rather got a hell of a lot worse about a year or two ago. It is way better taking oat bran.

Anyway long story short I've had to stop the Inosine. I just can't concentrate. Instead going to take 3 tsps oat bran for 5 weeks then a 2 week break and try that instead.

The oat bran worked fine for 8 months so I think this current blip is just a blip.

It started when I began taking lomatium dissectum for about 8 days and then got worse after a cold and taking androgrpsgis paniculata for about another 3 days. Again gone downhill this time but by taking Inosine for 7 days.

Annoyingly my energy levels and anti fatigue seemed better with Inosine but brain fog etc are worse.

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