Still on Joshua Leisk protocol

So I am now on the joshua lieks protocol but I've more or less replaced oat bran with Inosine (500mg twice a day or 1g twice a day in alternating schedules and all weekends off + a 2 week break every 3 months).

So far I feel better and it's only been 24 hours. I felt fluey, achy, nauseaous and altogether more "off" when I started the inosine, but 24 hours later and after a very busy night last night coming into contact with lots of allergens and stuff I feel better. The inosine increased my concentration and alertness almost straight away. I don't feel that brain fogged today and don't feel knackered after going out for a short drive in the car (10 mins there and back).

I've also just found out I can get a CD8 and 56 test in the UK privately for £130, which I didn't realise. It's a 35 minute drive to get to the hospital to do the tests and a 35 min drive back, but if I take 4 g bcaas before and when I arrive, it should in theory be possible to get my tests.

I've also ordered famvir 250mg which should arrive in about a month. I think this will further help to reduce viral load - ebv primarily which is my main issue. All this togethe rmight get me to 90% and deaden the over reaction my body has to the vaccines - which I personally think is virally mediated through re-activation.

Energy levels have gone up a lot today with teh inosine, so hopefully this all lasts.
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Just consider drinking cherry juice once in a while as inosine can raise uric acid levels if I remember correctly.

Please let us know how it goes with that and the famvir once you try it and your tests.

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