Still on Joshua Leisk protocol

So since I started taking every on Monday I'm feeling very different. I think the oat bran has done the heavy lifting to be honest, but b12 and glutathione top up (I only took 1 and 2 1/4 doses) did also help a wee bit.

I think this more or less proves to me how vital the oat bran is. This is my third experiment and my 4th crash from a vaccine. I think if I hadn't stopped taking the oat bran every day I would have weathered the bugs and viruses better over christmas and prob not had the little mini setback I had for 2-3 weeks.

I've also added lions mane back in a second time to see if I can deal with it. It causes dysphoria in me, a common ish side effect.

I also realised today that 5-ar inhibitors might treat prostate problems and kill cancer cells. Which is interesting! So the top 5 5-ar inhibitors include reishi mushroom, egcg and lions mane. I am now taking all 3 again! It's not good for my sex drive at all, but that's not too bad as long as it doesn't directly effect your mood and doesn't make you woefully depressed. But I think there must be something else going on with lions mane to cause this to be honest.

I also found a study from 2014 today that shows oat bran increases nitric oxide levels. Maybe it's this + the fact it feeds, activates and modulates many many immune cells:

Anyway paper here:

and extract:

. Oats are high in soluble fibers and effective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). We assessed the effects of beta-glucan from oat bran on serum nitric oxide (NO) endothelial function in patients with hypercholesterolemia. Method. Sixty hypercholesterolemic patients were randomly divided to receive an experimental bread rich in beta-glucan from oat bran (intervention) or bread rich in wheat fiber (control) for four weeks. All subjects had the same diet for two-week baseline period and hypocaloric diet for four weeks of intervention. Serum NO concentration and flow-mediated dilation (FMD) were determined before and after the experiment. Results. Mean age of the participants was 51.1 ± 9.3 years and 65% () were female. After intervention, serum NO concentration increased by 50.2 ± 19.8 μmol/lit in the intervention group (), but no change was observed in the control group (17.5 ± 27.5 μmol/lit; ). No change of FMD was observed in the intervention (0.48 ± 0.78%; ) or in the control group (0.59 ± 0.92%; ). Conclusion. Consumption of oat bread for four weeks increases serum NO concentration but has no effect on FMD. Further studies are warranted in this regard.
So maybe this is why it makes me feel poorly for several weeks before wearing off, but it could be why it also makes others feel sick for weeks on end, because their overall viral load is higher. It doesn't explain why it doesn't work for people like Martin or Bard who also took it and seemed to have no reaction, although Bard did say he felt awful for a few weeks, but then he seemed to stop the protocol.

Hip wrote a reply on a thread where he discussed papers that show higher NO levels surpress viruses in the body, if the primary immune interferon system has failed to clear the virus from the body.

I may have things wrong with the NO angle, but I found it interesting anyway.


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