Still on Joshua Leisk protocol

Hi all,

Been on josh's protocol about 8 months now I think.

I've been going through a bit of a rough patch post christmas with some added life stress and I think my ebv levels have gone up. I just got my blood tests back today which show a raised lymphocyte level. Generally my lymphocytes hover around 1.2 and for me that's as healthy as they get, but at the moment they are 1.7 which for me usually indicates dealing with a viral infection or recently having had a viral infeciton (based on historical blood work). The other possibililty is that ebv has replicated which would make sense because my fatigue and malaise with small amounts of exertion has come back and it had completely gone.

My neutrophils are back to a healthy level now! yay! So 1 teaspoon oat bran does appear to be an ok maintenance or pulsing dose, in between much higher doses. I'm also noticing some body aches and general fluey symptoms taking th ehigher oat bran dose, so for some reason I do think nasty ME viruses have replicated over the last 2 months. Higher doses of oat bran should fix that.

After a 2 day fast my b12 and prolactin levels returned to well within the normal range. My b12 is now a bit lower than I'd like, so I need to start taking some again.

Vitamin D levels have barely risen since sept, but I've only been taking 4000 units a day so will switch back to 8000.

That's it really, hoping to feel better in a few weeks.


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