Still on half of joshua leisk protocol

Have added egcg back in 80mg in the AM as it appears to completely cancel out brain fog.

I still have a feels like a new one but I don't see how that's possible. All the solid energy I had before the flu jab has gone, so no longer feel like I am heading towards normality.

I'm at 70% basically, dropped 10% from 80% before the flu jab.

I'm having intermittent aches and pains, with intermittent lymph node tenderness and mild pain. Believe this is ebv reactivation at fairly low levels. Which egcg, beta glucans and reishi will get rid of. The persistent colds are causing the ebv to reactivate more aggressively due to teh flu jabs nuking of my immune cells. Josh has said he's seen plenty of patients with very low neutrophils after covid jabs and I had a uti over the weekend which thankfully is now gone. I get new blood tests next week.

I suspect I'll be fully recovered in 4 to 8 weeks, 4 weeks if it's just viral and colds bogging me down and 8 weeks if there's any infection or microbial problems.

I have been chatting with a GP on the s4me forum who has igg sub class defiencies. My GP has told me I can't get these tests unless I go to a specialist. They are £250 if I get them done privately. I still believe there must be a test out there that will diagnose an issue with my immune system, if I can just find the right test!! But so far no real luck on the NHS.

The microbial and bacterial issues I have are very new for me, they only started 12 months ago and it's a bit worrying that they have started to occur regularly. Then again in an ideal world I'd never get a vaccine ever again.

Booster jab next month, which will knock me down for 2 months, so quite a long period of relapse to look forward to...until my 4th adn 5th booster :(((


Yeah as far as I'm concerned it's just the place were in. We really need smaller doses over many weeks. Until that's a thing we're stuck with standard vaccine dosing.

Egcg is an odd one. But it does appear to help. I'm currently retrying without lion's mane and b12 so I get a proper experimental result.
Bought some new oat bran. I had a theory that the old oat bran I had was not very good. Seems I might have been right. My second dose really hit me. Big berx lasting well over 4 hours. Very sleepy, incredibly difficulty to concentrate. Will probably have to shift my dose to late afternoon and evening.

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