Still not too bad...fingers crossed!

Improvement update....
Well this seems to be sticking. I hope.
I am back to vitamin B complex maintenance dose (not very strong) a multivitamin and good food. That's more or less all I am doing, except I started Echinacea Angustifolia twice a day again since weekend. The first two doses gave me a boost. I felt very much my "old self" again. I will take it for two weeks.

I have to be intuitive about it. When I take something I just feel how I feel about an hour later and that's either positive, negative, or neutral.

I can drink coffee again (2 cups a day) which is great! If there is a Heaven I hope they have coffee there haha!
I can tolerate alcohol in moderation.
All foods I can eat. It doesn't matter what. No issues. But I am mainly vegetarian. Just lapse sometimes and eat fish.

Today was a hard day. Not much sleep. Busy. Very hot weather. 30 degrees C out there -in the shade.
A family member is spending a long weekend with me. He is an early riser so I will be challenged.
So I went out to the supermarket to get supplies. I felt just fine. But then there was a faint trace of that weird shakiness I got throughout this illness, after only 2 minutes in the store. I couldn't work out why.
I ignored it and carried on.
Not too shabby! Got all the groceries without my body doing a hissy-fit. I could even concentrate on doing a proper job.

Got back to the car. It was the temperature of an oven. (No AC)

So drove off to come home though my mouth was dry, and I was dehydrated. Silly me.

Got into the worst traffic snarl-up that wasn't moving anywhere, so did a U-turn and took a back road. Unfortunately that road led to a place where there was a long-standing road closure, so had to follow diversion signs.....and soon I was LOST!! There were too many diversion signs and I hadn't a clue which one to follow.
Long story short, it took me an hour and a half to find the way home, and that's one of my stressors....not being able to find my way on the road! Adrenaline rush.
But got home in the end and had a good drink of water. I even had to admit there was a part of me enjoyed driving those quaint country roads even though I hadn't a clue where I was going.

A LOT of stress, and a LOT of heat (it had to be in the low 90s) And dehydrated. But no payback. I honestly felt okay....well maybe a little bit tired after a long day and not enough sleep last night but not "sick". And could manage to go out again after dinner later to walk a half mile to feed a neighbour's cat.

That all has to be positive I think. Still....we will see what happens next.


Thanks for that update! I sure hope " it sticks! " :)
I would, as general practice, resist the temptation of way overdoing and over catering to your houseguest, and of changing your routines too much, for theirs. In general, they don't need it, and both of you would be better off, with a more moderate approach. ;) And more advice, not that you asked or need any :) time, take some beverages and snacks with you! ;)
Thanks Shoshana :)
I appreciate your advice too. I will wear wax earplugs to avoid being wakened up at 6 by flushing toilet, etc. When I have a guest I am always on a hair-trigger with waking up and never relaxed. Then in the past, would tough it out and get up with them. But now I know it will make me feel rough to do that. The worst thing though is by the time I wake up they will be all systems go and chatty and I am more of a quiet zombie like fairly friendly being with not much cognition and not much English for about an hour after getting up.
I prefer being quietly alone for that hour or so. I was always a bit like that but it's more marked now.
I find someone staying in my home stressful, even though I will be glad to see him again!

Yes I should have taken water with me or at least bought some in the store. But as I had 10 liters at home. didn't bother buying more. The only drinks I had bought at the store were cans of beer! And I surely didn't want one of those! I also thought the journey would take 10 minutes! We should really always carry "survival packs" in a box in the car. You never know when they are going to be needed :/
I always have bottled water in my car :p Sounds like you handled it all really well though! I'm having a bit of a tough time because I was doing great on my diet then my IBD (GI disorder) totally flared. I had to abandon ship, so my GI is better but my energy is gone again. I hope I can find my way back to feeling better too!
Oh Runner5 I also hope you will find your way back to feeling better.
It;s a shame you had to ditch that diet which was helping your energy levels, but glad the GI issues are clearing up. That is really no fun.
I am not perfect yet. I got a trace of that weird shakiness for the first 3 hours today. Nothing I couldn't handle but maybe a warning not to push too hard just yet.... Still not quite 100%.

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