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Still Kickin'

Nearly another month and still not doing well.

Jeremy is slowly (very slowly) seeing improvements with the twice daily nasal rinsing using oregano oil, salt, baking soda, and water. The glutathione nasal spray is also helping to heal his sinus infection. Its very slow improvement, a little more energy some days and a small bit more functional, but any improvement is good.

I too saw some improvement off and on this last month but then last week started to take a quick turn for the worse again. My small bits of energy have all but disappeared, daily sinus headaches again, lots of full body nerve pain, low grade fevers, sinuses swelling more each day, and a few other returning symptoms.

Called the doctor again yesterday - we agreed its time for antibiotics. Some who read this blog may wonder why we waited on them instead of going the more normal route here in America and jumping right to a 4-6 week antibiotic course.

When popping a pill for treatment, the medication does not go only to the spot needed. Instead it hits the intestinal track where it is then absorbed into the blood stream through the intestinal lining. There are a few problems with this plan when dealing with an infection at a spot of the body which does not receive as much blood flow as for example, the lungs do.

If the infected area does not have a high blood flow then the amount of medicine it receives will be much smaller and healing will be slower because of this. Also with antibiotics, taking them orally means they do a lot of damage to your intestinal flora. The human body is very dependent on the flora and fauna in our digestion tracks to aid in digesting food and helping our immune system keep bad things in check - like candida yeast.

When one takes an antibiotic, its not only killing the problem you take it for but also our cohabitants inside of us - basically going on a killing spree directed at an important part of your immune system while at the same time throwing a kegger party for the nasties.

I am going to be taking a slightly different approach with my antibiotics, a much safer approach considering the location. Instead of taking a pill a few times a day, I will be using a gizmo which turns the specially made antibiotic into a mist and is then breathed in through the nose via a nasal nebulizer. This greatly isolates the area being treated and will keep a vast majority of the medicine right where it is needed - my sinus passages.

It will still be a course of treatment lasting 4 weeks but the impact it will have on my overall health will be minimal compared to the bottle of pills you pick up at the local pharmacy.

In addition to this, I will begin using an antibiotic ointment for my nose tonight and continue this for about five days. As well, when all the antibiotics are done I will start a long treatment of an antifungal also with the nebulizer. This part of the treatment is expected to take a minimum of 4 weeks but very likely a while longer as the fungal part of the infection is much more stubborn than the bacterial.

Sadly, the antibiotic treatment will aid the fungal infection's growth (just as it would in the gut with candida) by killing the good bacteria in my sinuses along with the bad, and is the reason for the aggressive antifungal use after the antibiotics.

It is very tiring to think I've had variations of this infection since very early March and am just starting a new course of treatment promising to last a minimum of two more months.

I suspect my initial sinus infection in March was bacterial and mostly (or even entirely) cleared up via natural methods. Then the mold levels rose dramatically in the environment around me in April when the weather warmed and became very wet, which quickly allowed a mold infection to begin in my still recovering sinuses. Then with enough time and my immune system being very worn out, another bacterial infection was able to take hold in the last couple of weeks while I was successfully treating the fungal/mold infection.

Hopefully hitting these infections hard with these antibiotics and stronger antifungals will do the trick, letting me again start to have more energy and finally feel better.


Darn, Lisa. I don't think that climate is good for you guys.

I crash out totally from mold and get totally sick. The southeast with its humidity is proving as bad since mid April as it was good from Oct-March. Back then it was sunny and dry and I was in relatively nonmoldy environs and had big health improvements. Once it got hot and humid and all the a/c hvacs came on everything fell apart. Mold mold mold everywhere. We're in a moldy hotel now and I've gotten sicker each day. I know we'll be out in a few days though so I tough it out. Its very clear I need a moderate climate, no extremes, including humidity.

I wouldn't be surprised if your entire tent harbored mold unfortunately.

I wish I had a zillion dollars and could set up offgassed yurts in a dry climate for lymies/moldies.
I'm so sorry to hear that this treatment is so drawn out for you, Lisa.

Sometimes, it seems as though the treatment is worse than the symptoms.

I wish you didn't have to live in a tent. It has so many knooks & crannies for mould to grow (let alone insects crawling in from your woods).

Every morning, recently, condensation forms on my bedroom & lounge windows overnight (which trickles down & forms little pools of water on the windowsill each morning). These are MY sources of mould which is one of my problems too.

Hopefully the large panel heaters I bought last week will dry the rooms out & I no longer get this problem. I notice my windows & sills this morning are completely dry.

Wish you could have the same benefit, Lisa.

Mould is such a big issue for so many of us.
PS Lisa, I just came across an article that cites Allspice (Pimenta dioica) essential oil as one that inhibits the growth of L monocytogenes (or bacteria) which may be similar to your problem.

Perhaps, you might consider trying to using freshly grated Allspice in some way in your meals (eg cooked apple with freshly grated allspice) to try & add to to your treatment. No idea if this would be helpful for you or not, but if your enjoy the flavour, there's an offchance it might help & there's certainly no harm in it.

(Cinnamon has now been researched & is useful in treating diabetes, so who's to say whether using Allspice in your cooking might be helpful for your situation).
That nebulizer idea sounds intriguing. I too have battled the problem with oral antibiotics. Does the nebulizer convert any medicine into a mist? I'd love to hear more about that. My solution for keeping the intestinal flora up while on oral antibiotics has been a Probiotics tablet taken mid-day that has 50million active "good bugs" which supposedly restore the flora killed by the antibiotic. The other thing I really sense a positive difference with is raw garlic. There is a study from Japan showing that raw garlic is better and stronger than the prescription drug Nystantin. Please keep us posted on your progress!
Virgin Coconut oil is a pretty good natural antibiotic and much gentler than oil of oregano. I've used it for ears, but I imagine you could use it in your nose safely. It doesn't kill off any good bacteria so it's safe to eat as well, but I think it's good if you can fight the infection on site. I've found it surprisingly effective and have never taken antibiotics again.
Wow, so many great suggestions! Thank you everyone for posting! The support and ideals are much needed.

Jen - very sorry to hear about the humidity bringing out the molds around you. I hope where you are going after the hotel is much safer for you. Will keep this ideal in my thoughts to help send some positive energy your way!

Vicki - that is great about your new heaters taking care of the humidity! I've often looked at those mica thermal panels and wondered how my MCS would react to them. A heater, while mostly wasted in an open air environment, would be a nice relief when life needs us up and out of the covers for long periods of time (like to stitch a blanket). Allspice - haven't had it since getting ill, only ever used it before then with pumpkin pie. lol I'm not sure we'd be able to get it fresh around here but I'll call the co-op and see!

Kelvin - here is the link http://www.ghprx.com/ to the place I got the nebulizer from. It was $65 after Medicare ($165 otherwise) and free overnight shipping. Best part - the antibiotic was actually covered by Medicare!!! I'm used to anything not from a standard pharmacy being all out of pocket so having it covered was fabulous! They are very helpful if you call them and should be able to answer questions about what can/can not be used with their machine.

We used to use lots of raw garlic to combat candida and a few other ailments but lately every time I try to eat it I will end up with a fierce stomach ache. Even if I can manage to side step the initial ache, it does unhappy things to my intestinal tract. We've taken to lightly cooking it so it is not as strong but still is seeming to do a whole lot of good without all the stomach problems.

L'engle - I had not thought to snort coconut oil. lol I will definitely be keeping this in mind because I bet the oil would be very soothing to the tender tissue. We use coconut oil for cooking pretty much every day - love it!

Really giant hugs for all of you! I always forget I've posted my blog here so its such a nice surprise to run across wonderful comments like this! I hope you all have a wonderful day, Lisa :D
I woke up with a dry red eye this morning and gently put some coconut oil onto my eye , the same as I would have a contact lens, with really clean hands. It was immediately soothing to the eye and a while later my eye was back to normal.

Good luck with your living situation. In this damp Pacific climate we really need healthy buildings that don't promote mold.

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