Stealth Infections

I didn't get everything right. One of the things that I got wrong was not paying attention to the Lyme community. If you have a Chronic multi-system illness no doubt by now someone in the Lyme community has tried to recruit you.

They are always on the lookout for people who have a symptom set that can be explained in terms of one or more Stealth Infections. This is where an infective agent has found a way to be ignored by the immune system. Sometimes it is through misdirection and sometimes it is by hiding inside the cells where the immune system can't go.

Let's talk about this. I may have already but it is worth the review. There are only so many things that can cause a multiple system illness. Poisoning, infections, autoimmune (like Lupus), metabolic (like diabetes) and inheritable disorders of metabolism.

My recovery had plateau'd in March of 2015, Chelation was finishing. I had been at it for over 4 calendar years and had completed 300 "Cutler Rounds". This is approaching the amount of chelation normally accomplished in six years.

Keep in mind that I could only handle small amounts at first and that I don't think that I was able to remove Hg properly until I had B12 and folate on board. Dr Cutler says that this is rubbish. I am not going to use this forum to argue why I think I am right and he is wrong.

Let's just say that it took 200 rounds after starting the methylation protocol and that is the normal amount of time that most people need to complete chelation.

I had been doing some reading and I asked Dr Fred Hui about Stealth Infections and we went ahead and did some blood work and I turned out to have mycoplasma and HHV-6. He looked at me and said, "No wonder you feel like shit". Now put a Chinese accent to it and you will see why I was amused.

I started what would be in the end 8 months of Doxycycline treatment and 20 IVs of Hydrogen Peroxide. The Herxheimer reaction was very pronounced. This is where a bunch of bugs are killed all at once and the body gets flooded with garbage...all of it foreign and all of it annoying to the immune system.

It feels like the flu or if you are familiar ... like Post Exertional Malaise of CFS. We were on a family get away and so I got to ruin another holiday for everyone. Oh, I'm a real treat...

These infections often piggyback onto a Lyme infection. Had I paid more attention to the Lyme recruiters instead of thinking that I had all the answers that I needed with Hg-tox, I would have been years ahead in terms of recovery.

Remember the 1979 LeBaron. There is no rules saying that a person can not have more than one problem at a time.
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