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I'm taking my Jarrow (glass bottle) 1/8 Mcbl and taking about 1/8-1/6 of the Anabol ACbl in the morning along with a Jarrow multi and about 100mg of Histidine.

I have stopped taking mfolate for the time being.

I feel a need for the Acbl it seems to be giving me energy and possibly what caused my neurological "brightening" before when I was taking HCbl. I wasn't feeling much from just the MCbl and MFolate.

I'm getting some folic acid (133mg per tablet) in the multi. Am also getting a small amount of Choline also (16mg per tablet) which might stimulate BHMT just a little and maybe I need that?


I'm not sure you need to stimulate the BHMT pathway unless you have a BHMT polymorphism. Have you gotten your results yet? Are you taking lecithin? 1 tablespoon of lecithin has 225-250 mg of choline? Stimulating the BHMT pathway too much will cause a greater amount of dopamine to be converted into norepinephrine. Also, Rich didn't think stimulating the BHMT pathway too much was a good idea. The quote is too long to post here, but I posted about it here:
I just posted my Methylation and Detox results here on my blog. I'm not sure what is meant by "are you COMT" as I"m brand new to the genetic testing. I have a +/- for COMT V158M and COMT H62H of that makes me COMT.

The ACbl seems to be a part of the recovery puzzle. When one takes HCbl the body should make MCbl and ACbl from that according to what I've been told here. Then taking MFolate completes the MTHFR/MTRR gridlock bypass. I can take MCbl and MFolate and do pretty well. When I add ACbl it gets a little harder to stay on track. I am trying now to take about 1/8 MCbl and 1/8 MFolate and slowly titrate up my ACbl. I keep feeling that I might should go back and start over using HCbl but then I won't be in control of how much Acbl my body makes and may have to lower my dose of HCbl which also lowers my MCbl just to lower my Acbl. So taking them separate gives me more control.

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