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Last few weeks I've been in somewhat of an emotional funk. I am pushing through with my 1/8 MCbl and 1/8 MFolate. I think my crashing is related to ACbl. When I've taken HCbl I've crashed, and the only time I added Acbl (the one Fredd recommends) I've crashed. I need to test this again to be sure (which means I'm be inducing a crash to find out :( ) But I think whatever the Acbl is doing I'm not ready except maybe for very small doses of Acbl.

My adrenals are sore here and there. I'm taking Ester-C which helps quickly. I'm Also trying Malic Acid along with my other supps. Had an initial good response. Have read that Malic might kill Candida and cause die off. I'm gonna start looking into how SMP relates to candida and maybe I need to take that into consideration when I'm doing SMP.


I believe so, I can't swear it's not just my kidneys. It's in the same area on both sides and not like a muscle/back soreness. It always responds to vitamin C. I used to take Spiruluna for them also which worked pretty good. I wanted to note that I don't necessarily feel low Cortisol when my adrenals feel sore.
How much adenosyl b12 and methylfolate did you take when you crashed? And when you crashed with hydroxocobalamin, how much hydroxocobalamin, folinic acid and methylfolate did you take with it? I sort of remember you mentioning your were taking higher doses of folate. I'm not going to try to convince you to switch to hydroxocobalamin, but I should mention that hb12 uses up methyl groups (mainly SAMe I think) to a certain extent which would allow you to increase your B12 higher without increasing methylation as much as mb12 would. B3/niacin works the same way. If you think SAMe helps with your mood then maybe it wouldn't be a good idea, but B12 boosts neurotransmitters also.

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