Starting Ultra-Mins, knowing when it's in your head or your body

Today I took my first Ultra-Mins tablet this morning. Felt the familiar swishing in my head and knew I needed some Tryptophan to boost Serotonin. This morning took about 40mg B3, a nibble off my p5p and about 150 mg of N-Acetyl Tyrosine to boost Dopamine and a 500mg Jarrow Tryptophan. This has been an excellent day!

One thing I wanted to mention was how difficult it is, for me anyway, to tell when I feel crappy due to brain chemistry or due to something going on in the body. Many times the goings on in the body will cause a disturbance in brain chemistry especially if it involves blood sugar. But I can take all the things that should make the body feel better and it doesn't help "me" feel better. When I finally address the brain chemistry issue it helps a ton.

Anyway, the minerals have been a blessing since I started doing down that path. Again I have been much more mentally (brain chemistry) stable since covering my mineral bases. I'm excited to be taking Ultra-Mins as all the minerals are chelated and it's much superior to just about any other multi-mineral I've found on the web.

UPDATE: Jan-25

Third day on Ultra-Mins and still feeling really good. Since I've been very consciously covering my mineral bases here in the last 2 weeks I have lost 3 pounds without really doing anything different. I don't have the mood swings or as bad of food cravings either.

Today I omitted the Tyrosine as it's been making me a little edgy and irritable. Wondering if I already have enough Dopamine/Norepinephrine? I did take a Sunflower Lecithin capsule in the morning. Also forgot to mention I took small amounts of B1, B2, Biotin and B5. First time I have taken any B vitamins other than B12 for a few weeks.

End of the day I felt very good up till about 9pm. I knew since I had taken a 400mcg of MB12 (just before workout @ noon) that I was gonna need more Potassium today. So @ 9:10 I took 2 x 99mg tablets and within 15 minutes was feeling right as rain again. Before bed A, E, D, 100mg Mag-Glycinate and another 99mg Potassium.

This has been a very stable/normal day.

Ultra-Mins are lacking in Copper, Boron and Molybdenum, that I want, so I'm supplementing these in small quantities along with my Ultra-Min.

UPDATE (nothing is ever easy): After initial success with this I have experienced some GI (Candida + iron?) issues which I believe is due to Ultra-Min's Iron content (13.5mg per tablet). I am going to have to cut back on these for that reason. I don't think there is a non-Iron version and will try to contact the manufacturer and see if they might make a non-iron version.

UPDATE: They do have a no-iron version!! click here


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