Stars Brightly, Brightly Shining

We have been having some surprisingly cold weather here in Washington State. Given that Jeremy and I live up in some foothills in our tent, its gets just a bit colder still because of the elevation and being on the frozen ground. I think it has been at least four days since it got even as warm as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the freezing point of water. Most days its been hovering in the low 20s and drops almost ten degrees more during the night.

Two nights ago the power went out for about four hours. Those were a very long and dark four hours while we wondered when it might come on again. It was very good luck to have power back so soon, usually it takes a few days this time of year for it to come back a few days with no heat but our body warmth. I am very thankful to have gotten power back in four hours, with these below freezing temperatures life would become incredibly difficult without it.

But even with power and heat, not everything is a piece of cake. Anything with much water content is freezing solid; some supplement bottles have been bursting from the expanding liquids inside as they freeze. Cooking is made much more difficult; imagine if you stored all your food, including vegetables, in the freezer before using it. You can cut the vegetables into a hot skillet but they actually freeze back together again before they can be stirred. We can hear the buckets creak outside from where the rain water that was accumulating in them is now freezing solid and expanding. Even a glass of water half drunk and left sitting till next time I am thirsty will freeze before I can get it finished.<img src="" alt="Ice that was in a bucket" />
Ice that was in a bucket

The worst of it though is what Jeremy must endure many, many times every day. His boots are always wet because of our poor dish washing facilities. When it is cold like this they freeze and get caked in ice. Imagine having to put frozen, heavy boots on your feet every time you left your bed to do anything at all. Washing dishes, getting a drink of water, cooking, even going to the bathroom all get done with frozen boots on. He could put a different pair of shoes on, but they would just start to freeze too after the first time they got the slightest bit wet.
<img src="//" alt="Jeremys Frozen Boots" />
Jeremys Frozen Boots

The good news so far is that the weather has been dry, the nights absolutely breathtakingly beautiful as the moon waxes darker every night and the stars shine magnificently. However, the forecast is for snow in a couple days and I can fully believe it. Any precipitation right now is guaranteed to snow. We have already had a minor bit of snow about a week ago but it was warm enough that the snow did not stick, that will not happen again this time.

After a small reminder of how incredibly cold it can be without power to provide us with means for heating, I find myself praying several times a day right now that our power stays strong till this cold spell is over. Meanwhile, I will enjoy the dry weather, clear nights for brief glances towards the heavens where the amazing stars are reminiscent of a more primal era long past, and the excuse to stay cuddled up to my Jeremy most of the day.


Lisa, I have been thinking about you and Jeremy and miss your posts on the forum. I do hope it warms up quickly and both of you stay safe from the freezing temperatures. Your an excellent writer and I look forward to reading your blog. Post when you can.

Take care,
Lisa, just wanted to say hi, I have discovered your blog today and read all that I could with my foggy brain. I live near Vancouver BC and as we escaped snow last night here, you probably got it where you are. Thinking of you and hope you manage to stay warm day and night.
I am so sorry that the only solution for you guys is to live in the woods away from toxic environment. I certainly hope that you will be able to have a real homefree of chemicals and comfortable on all levels. Kati
Hi Frickly and Kati! :)

Thanks for posting replies! :D We managed to miss some of the snow, but we did get a few inches on Sunday. At this point its pretty torrential rains but much, much warmer. :)

I love hearing from people who have read my stuff, makes the effort of writing it very worthwhile. I'm learning that it is really very nice to be able to share this with people instead of going through it all alone.

Hugs to both of you, Lisa :)
Lisa, thank you for writing it. I had no idea that some people had MCS so bad that they had to remove themselves from the society. I am so sorry!!!

I would love to know about your living arrangements if you don't mind. I have done some expansive bike and camp trips, 6 weeks at a time, but can't imagine living out there all year round! Or maybe I can...
Especially what I want to know is do you have a big stand up tent? I understand you have power- what is it used for? How about bathing and showers? Cold water outside would be brrrr cold- and bathroom? in the woods?
I hope you are not upset by the questions- I just have an inquisitive mind..

Stay warm and dry... I enjoyed you talking about your lil wren visiting- You certainly are much closer to mother nature than all of us. And I can now understand your profile picture :) (squerrelly)

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