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something good with chest cold

It's so nice when something good happens in a life that seems like never-ending bad news. But this time it ended up okay. Usually when cold weather comes on I develop a cough that just goes on and on for months. I feel miserable and doctors won't treat because they say I have no sign of infection.

My new lung doctor was no different. But I went in for a routine check with him and my cough was horrible. Plus the air-conditioner in the room was giving me the sniffles. He came and and said I can tell you have bronchitis because you have a bad cough with sniffles. I didn't tell him about the air conditioner.

He gave me one week of Augmentin, which contains a combination of amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium. I seemed to be doing nothing until the last two days. In those two last days I had major improvement.

But I still had a heaviness in my chest that felt like I was coming down with a chest cold. So I called and he gave me MelthylPREDNISolone 4 mg. I have no idea why the middle of that name is capitalized but that's the way it is. Anyway, the dosing is gradually reduced over several days. The packaging is all laid out to tell you when to take it. And that fixed me all up. And so it feels sort of unusual that I'm not coughing my head off right now. And this is the first time in a long time in many years I don't have that suffering.


I'm glad you finally got some relief! It's interesting that your doctor wouldn't do anything for you until he saw for himself how bad your cough was. That seems to be a huge part of our problem in being taken seriously - for the most part our appearance does not reflect how truly horrible we feel with ME/CFS! (e.g., Jen Brea looks like the picture of health!)
Interesting story, I'm glad it's resolved so well. I have a friend who doesn't have ME but is chronic asthmatic. She has been having similar problems with coughs that doctors are reluctant to give antibiotics for. She at last managed to persuade a doctor to give her antibiotics, and they added a short course of steroids just like you, and she had the same result as you. I think doctors have so drummed into them not to give antibiotics, they miss cases now when they are really needed.

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