Someday We'll Be Together

You can maybe relate. Or maybe not.
Over the past 4 years, most people have fallen out of my life.
Its truly like i went missing in so many ways.
The last time i took my son to boyscouts...gone.
Never seeing those parents i was friends with again.
My daughters mommy and toddler library class? gone.
Never seeing those moms and their children again that i
spent so much time with.
My aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my siblings...
most of my friends.
Like 5 people have died around me since i've been in here.
I cannot make it to any of these things.
Will i ever see my Aunt Maria again? I love her so much. I miss her.
My cousin and her two children i've never even met.
Its all a strange feeling. Like, i am here. I exist.
But the world went on without me.
They've mostly forgotten me...
because i am a memory that is much too painful for them to have to keep reliving.
So, the human mind, distracts and moves on to get away from super painful things.
I see my children, occasionally my parents (very occasional)
and 2 friends/caretakers sporadically.
Then, the man i live with of course too.

So, sometimes i play this my head...and think about what it
would be like to reunite with my old world....and with my new world.
What it would be like to be together with humans again.

So yeah...this song is my ode..
to being in the world again. :heart:

Stranger things have happened, right?


Oh, that is sad for both of you.

I'm a fair bit older than you (I think) and these musings have become truths for me. People have moved way or the other, usually they've passed on.

All of my huge family is now almost dead, save for one brother, and it's really hard to remember who's here and who isn't. The first 3 years after everyone died were the very I can't even remember who is still with me, and who has gone. Out of this I realize that each day is a "one of a kind." I do enjoy what I have while I have it....overjoyed as a matter of fact, and now the time has come when we are all together again, in younger years of course.

Nothing should ever be taken for granted....and I don't. I'm grateful for my husband and children, friends of yesteryear who have re-entered my life, acknowledge that life is forever changing and what's here today may be gone tomorrow. So, I'm sorry for your losses....they're probably worse when the person is still alive. Sad. Yours, Lenora.
OK.......that really sucks! What is wrong with people, especially those who are supposed to love us?

Perhaps they can't navigate the stairs. OK, but they can sure navigate a phone, can't they? Do something to make you feel acknowledged. So in the end, your husband is the one who suffers? Go, @sunshine44, get out of there. I realize we all have different situations & I probably shouldn't encourage you. When the time is right, then go, That may be the best that can be said. Yours, Lenora.
Hello @sunshine44.......It occurred to me that you're the answer to your problem (and ours) with respect to H.

You have the ability to post what's necessary before even more time passes, and I know we'd all be most grateful. The day's a passing.

So would you, could you? Don't worry about jumping ahead of someone else...we all have the same thought in mind and it would be special for someone like you to make the first move. Take care & make someone's special day even more special if you can. Yours, Lenora.
Hi @christiankatz..Your happy faces make us look like a little family and that includes any and all newcomers. Everyone's paddling in the same direction, and there's always room for more. A very nice group of people. Yours, Lenora.

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