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I was diagnosed with ME in January of this year by Dr. Derek Enlander in New York City. Due to some other serious health issues that arose in the Spring, It was decided that I should wait until I sufficiently recovered from these conditions before beginning treatment for my ME.

By late June, I was well enough to begin Dr. Enlander's protocol for beginning to build up my immune system. It started with using a supplement called XANK, which contained "2" shitake mushroom extracts, designed to build up my Natural Killer cell functioning level. According to my last lab work, their interpretive criteria for the reference range of Natural Killer cell functioning level is: less than 8 (Decreased NK cell activity), 8 - 170 (Normal NK cell activity), above 170 (Increased NK cell activity).

My reading at that time was 11, within the "Normal" range, but obviously depressed and bordering on the "Decreased" NK cell activity level. My energy level was quite low and I was spending as much time as possible staying in a demobilized, resting state. Within 12 hours of taking the XANK, I began to experience almost a constant series of light-headedness which made life even more challenging and did little to nothing for raising my energy level. I wanted to give it some time to see if I might adapt to the XANK in a more positive way, but after ten days, nothing was really changing, and I returned to Dr. Enlander's for a follow-up visit.

After being thoroughly checked and reporting my experiences on XANK, Dr. Enlander suggested that I try their just released new supplement, LANK, containing "10" shitake mushroom extracts. I was very open to that and began taking the LANK, twice daily, starting the next morning.

For the next three weeks, I was still experiencing light-headedness, but the episodes became fewer and fewer and I also began to notice that my energy level was increasing slightly. I have been taking LANK for a little over two months now, and three weeks ago, my episodes of light-headedness disappeared and I am having many more days where I am beginning to feel, better than just "okay". I am able to
move around with more mobility and less pain and I'm expecting to get back to working part time in the very near future. As of today, I don't know if my NK cell functioning level has been rising, but I am feeling qualitatively better, on a daily basis, and at this time, the only thing I can attribute that to, is the LANK that I've been taking.

I'd be very interested to hear if anyone else is working with LANK, and what experiences that may be having with it.

All The Best,


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