Snowed in

Snowed in from this awful blizzard, not that I was really planning on going anywhere much, but I don't like the feeling of being trapped.

New symptoms everyday. Today, I woke up with some kind of severe arthritis in my left foot. Usually, I get stuff on the right side, so this is new. Having a hard time walking and can't bend the foot without alot of pain. I don't know what it is, arthritis, part of the Lyme, I don't know. I just hope it will go away.

Still having massive sinus problems since the Swine Flu. It won't leave. My lungs cleared about the first week of January. But the post nasal drip remains or whatever it really is. We tried hitting it with two antibiotics and it only helped alittle bit. And I'm finding that OTC's actually stuff up my sinuses now.

Still having thyroid and gland problems. The Levothyroxine is crap, which I knew going into it. But I can't take the new Armour formulation and my doctor doesn't want me on anything else.

My white cell count is still up.

I have a feeling of......slowly dying, I think. It's not a good feeling. I've had it for awhile now. It's only 2010, I'm trying to hang on for 2012. Even though, sometimes, I think I'm stupid for fighting to live. Sometimes, I think I died in 1991 and went to a hell dimension. I think I'm too stupid to know I'm dead. But the thing is, I did die. I had three near death experiences. I came back, though. That was a choice. I think it was a stupid one. There you have my inner most thoughts.


Well, maybe it was a stupid choice, but then maybe being smart isn't all it's cracked up to be...

About the sinus stuff: Umcka. From Nature's Way. It's a s. African pelargonium that's been tested in Europe and proved efficacious in all kinds of sinus/lung stuff, anything respiratory. I used to work in the HABA section of our local health food store and I brought it in. I tried it myself and found my chronic bronchitis could be prevented, instead of getting the usual 2 or 3 weeks down a year. Also I got many glowing reports back as I pushed it in the shop: "I had this cough for six weeks and it finally went away!" "My kid is FINALLY better after a month!" Unlke antibiotics, it doesn't throw your whole body into disarray. Unlike OTC products, it doesn't make you dopey and dreary. It just gets rid of the stuff.

Have you investigated the Standard Process glandulars? I've found them helpful, and their quality is very good. DK what your dr. would think.

I so sympathize with your state of mind, sometimes I do think death would be an easier alternative...
Umcka, never heard of it, thanks, I will check it out. The only thing I know of is Friar's Balsam, an herbal tincture you're supposed to steam with.

I never had luck with glandulars, usually make me worse.

Well, for whatever the reason God seems to want us here like this. I don't know why. I wouldn't even do this to a sim. It would be horribly boring to play a sim game with sick sims like this. At least I think so.
I've been using my own protocol. For the most part, I am better than I was. The Swine Flu messed me up very badly. I don't know if I will ever fully recover from it. But pretty much, what I'm doing now is helping. I've had gland and thyroid problems since the 80's. Nothing really works on that.
you might try something called Sambucol, it's made from elderberries and is supposed to be great for bad colds
and is good for your immune system. cheap & worth a try
I've been taking Bilberry, but that doesn't work on this. Elderberries are interesting.
thers a recipe to make your own elderbrry syrup, its cheap & easy but you have to go online to get good quality berries. i know vitacost has thier sambucol on sale at the moment, im gonna get some, as i've been waking up feeling all stuffy & on the verge of a bad cold. wierd cause by the end of the day it eases way up & i feel like im over it, then the next morning there it is again!!
i dont know what the heck happens to us when we sleep, i's supposed to be the time for our bodies to heal, but i always wake up feeling just terrible.i so long for sleep at night, but i know the mornings are gonna be hell. do you do this too?? are is it just my quirky Body,lol.
Ever since I had Swine Flu, I get stuffed up at night and feel like I'm suffocating half the time. It's not good.

I'm usually really sick in the mornings, low cortisol, probably. Takes me awhile to be alive, or half alive. I think it's alittle better since I've been on thyroid med, but still, I hate mornings.
How about monolaurin for viruses? I am on elderberry. Not sure it is helping. Extra vitamin C? Also, drink salt in the morning to help the adrenals. Are you doing anything for the lyme? I am going to be tested but am wondering if it's worth it. I can't take the antibiotics.
I did alot for lyme, nothing on this earth worked on it. I spent four months on Xithromax, only felt five percent better and the side effects were not worth it. I've been on a grocery list of antibiotics for lyme, none of them helped this. Seriously, the list is so huge. I've been on Keflex, minocycline, doxycycline, tetracycline, Erythromycin, Cipro, Rosephen, Some kind of sulfur, IV antibiotics, which by the way, the IV form of Cephlosporin or whatever it was really did clear my head, but they wouldn't leave me on it long enough because my insurance refused to pay for it. Then my condition went chronic. I still think if I had been left on the IV antibiotics longer than three stupid days, I might never have ended up bedridden for the next two years.
Ugh..what a nightmare. The whole lyme thing. I have some friends that are really excited to be diagnosed with lyme and I am like...WHY? Do you think the prognosis is better? They think it's a shame I have CFS and I lyme better?
Lyme is taken more seriously, but it's not better. I think a great deal of my symptoms probably do come from Lyme. But I caught something that did this to me. Most people with advanced chronic Lyme get no better than we do. Everyone just chases their tail, treatment after unsuccessful treatment, nothing works.

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