Snow. oh. yay.

Looking with my feline fellows at last night's snow, first of this winter.

Also snowed night before last in town 80 miles north-northeast of here where railroad webcam is at Amtrak station.

With this neurological and endocrine stuff going on I've lost the happy kid with snow attitude, now it is just, cold is pain, winter is a grim endurance test until spring.

Even so, I will say that, to me at least, trains always seem to look good in snow, so there is that about the white and chilly stuff.

And then a train passes by in a cloud of blowing snow raise by its slipstream.
Yes, at 60mph to 70mph trains have slipstreams.


LaPlata Oct 3133.jpg

train blows snow33.jpg


I still have my spirits lifted a bit by nice snow. Charlie Brown snow--big flakes drifting quietly down--is quite wonderful. Fine flakes drifting down from a clear sky is nice too. Last night's snow wasn't quite Charlie Brown, but close.

Wind driven snow is generally unpleasant.

Here in central Alberta, first snow was a couple of weeks ago. Lots more snow to go...
Snow is becoming a rare sight in my part of the UK. I love to see it but can't cope with the actuality of it. Oh to be young, healthy and fit (or any of the aforementioned). One of my cats is very fond of making snowballs so he's missing out nowadays.

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