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Hi all!

I thought I would write an upbeat blog! It's about time, right? Well, next week the axe will fall "possibly." Hormones. So until then, I will revel in my good day. It was one good day out of 7, but I will take what I can get. Because that one day is so special, I hope to write about it with the colors and smells that I saw and breathed in.

Tuesday, June 1st 2010.

My friend came over and I had asked her to pose for me wearing some new designs I had made. New jewels. She is a really nice girl who doesn't drink or smoke. Someone like me! It's so nice to find others who get that. She too is an artist and actually has stuff showing at a gallery tonight due to the fact that it is first Friday. I love talking to other artists because it excites my dulled, brain fogged mind and makes it work. She showed me her portfolio full of bright yellows and French illustration. We had lunch at a restaurant and then I took her over to the college that I live near.

The college that I live near has the largest arboretum of Holly bushes in the country. Quite a coincidence. Also, it is loaded with trees and flowers, all tagged and named. It's beautiful. Let me take you on a walk with me.

Picture old cobblestones and old 1800's brick. Lots of ivy and greens along with roses that climb up the walls. Adirondack chairs and a sloping field with trees, huge trees lining the walkway. One adirondack chair is huge. As in, Alice in Wonderland huge. It's made for 4 people to sit in. A wooden swing built for 2 that hangs from a rather large tree under a canopy of leaves. And my favorite part is the rose garden. This rose garden is huge. Absolutely huge with roses in red, fuschia, peach, yellow, white, you name it! The fragrance induces a feeling of calm. We sat near the rose bushes and I shot some photos.

We stopped and smelled the roses. Yellow ones, pink ones, the beautiful hot pink ones. Bees were all around and normally that would bother me, but there was something about walking barefoot through the rich green grass that took my mind off of what "could" happen. I kept smelling the roses and looked out at the sun in the bluest sky and felt completely invigorated. I walked barefoot around the college's campus and just enjoyed myself.

There is something about the outdoors, there is nothing like it. I love it. If I could have a tent that was air conditioned and had a bathroom in it, I would consider living in one. wouldn't work, but I can dream! I used to watch the show, "Northern Exposure," in which, there was a guy like us actually, (allergic to everything) who lived in a huge tent. It was pretty awesome. He had music on and it was a rather nice living situation in Alaska. Alaska. I dream of living in the mountains of somewhere where there are moose and "live," in your face, nature. I also loved the show, on PBS I believe, about living among the wolves. That was just too cool. If I was well enough, I would love that kind of life. Although, I think if I was well, I would be working in some skyscraper. I know myself. I am glad that this illness side tracked that!

It was so hot on Tuesday. It has been so hot on the East coast. I said to my friend, "Hey, could you go for some water ice?" She is originally from Las Vegas and said she had never had any. WHAT? Doesn't everyone have water ice? I took her to Rita's Water Ice. We had raspberry water ice and it was so fine and no chunks of ice. She then came back to my apartment and we just talked about crazy people. How many people there are walking around who are crazy, they seem to function in society but they are a nuts. Kind of like the book, "The Sociopath Next door." YEAH. It was fun.

8 hours. That is how long it lasted. 8 hours that flew by. And I am paying for it, but it was sooo nice. It was just so nice, that using up all my spoons was ok. Exhaustion creeping in, phone off now, but I had fun.

And even now, as I lie in my bed with my laptop on my lap, I am stopping to smell the roses. I can't wait to smell them again either. I am trying to be grateful for the little things. Gratitude. Good day folks!

ps) does anyone know how to make pics bigger on blogs? I see others can do it, but I can't figure it out! Thanks:D


Northern Exposure was one of my favorites also, such a quaint and querky town. Im also e. coast (Myrtle Beach) and it was 92 and humid along the coast today! glad you had a good 8 hours. Jim
Another Northern Exposure fan here: It was Anthony Edwards formerly of ER who played that character! He had quite a nice setup in that tent/dome...

Are your jewelry pics anywhere on this site? I have tried to find them before, but could not. I would like very much to see them!
Also a Northern Exposure fan. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Sounds glorious, Spitfire. Maybe you can share your photos of the roses on the photography thread? We say snow cones for your water ice. I could taste your rasberry. Nice blog.
I'm so happy that you enjoyed yourself. Your detailed descriptions really helped me share your experience. It was lovely......

PS: I sat in the sun today and waited for a tow truck -- but I met several very nice people. So far, Ohio has the nicest friendlyist (I can no longer spell) people that I've ever met!
Ohio does have some friendly folks. I lived near Jan in Apple Valley for a spell and liked it. Nice lake too! I would love to share my photos. How do I do that? They are beautiful. I will make a point of going over there and taking more shots to take ya'll outdoors! My SOUTHERN is coming out! Yes, that is who it was..Anthony Edwards and wasn't it a great dome/tent/house!!

My website is to see my jewelry.

This is so interesting Spitfire as this week I have been getting into rose oil. I bought a tiny amount at a ridiculously expensive price but it was worth it. You only need one or two drops and it lasts ages on the skin. I mixed 2 drops with ylang ylang and it was heavenly. Apparently it is a sedative and lifts the heart - as you found :) But we can have the smell all the time. It is also so very good for the skin. The best is from Bulgaria and I am hoping to find a supplier but there are a lot of additives with such a rare and expensive product and it is not easy to find the unadulterated article. But I did athough hopefully can get it cheaper direct next time. I wish that I had discovered it earlier.

Hey Brenda,

I found Welleda rose oil spray deodorant which I love. I think that is how you spell it. This stuff is suppossably one of the best and least toxic deodorant's.
Isn't it wonderful to have a good day like that. I am so pleased to hear about it too (with all your recent hormone issues). Hope you get to experience many more enjoyable days (even if you DO suffer the next day from the effects).

Lucky you to have some Bulgarian Rose essential oil. I am so envious (knowing how much it costs for just a few ml). I had an Aromatherapist use it on me in a massage blend many years ago. I still remember the euphoria & welbeing it created, to this day.

It is not the Bulgarian I got unfortunately, I had not done my research when I bought it but it is a good one Rose Bourbon Absolute from India and it is only 1 ml and very powerful. I picked it for that reason from the choices I had not knowing how they extract Absolute. But it is organic. I am looking for a cheaper source in Bulgaria or may order next time from the US. Yes I can imagine how you felt if you had a body massage with it.

If you can manage it Spitfire, the pure oil is something else! You get the full sedation effects only from that.

Loved this! Thanks for the tour; it felt like I was there. Such a beautiful decription of a perfect day! So glad for you!
This was really nice! Glad you got to get out and enjoy the company of a friend and the outdoors.

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