Small steps

I am soon to meet with Dr Klimas and as a preparation am reviewing the progress I made. I decided to post it as it may be of help to you.

- I suspect that LDN was the cause of my big crash in the summer. It could be that the dose was too high and that a smaller dose is beneficial, but at this time i am scared to try it again. I cannot afford getting worse. Fortunately i have made progress since then, although my IO and my fatigue are still worse than they where
-my hormones are much improved. This is because the SAM-e I take (800mg). I noticed more improvement when I added methylfolate, which is recommended alongside sam-e. I suspect carnitine was also important.
-I suspect that gallbladder issues are responsible for many of my issues but I do not know how to go about testing this. I would like to learn your experiences on this.
-imunovir doesnt seem to do anything, and I am planning to stop that. I start equilibriant which does seem to do something, oxymatrine by itself (white tiger) did not
- I am working on balancing my blood sugar. Cinnulinin (the non toxic form of cinnamon) does help, but I am looking for more support. I just started R-lipoic acid. Nopal cactus is next on the list. If anything I have too low blood sugar so I am not looking for supplements that reduce it even further.
-The authia cream (activated thiamin) does wonders for my numbness, I hope the R-LA helps some more.
-I have extremely cold extremities, and i have blueish eye whites, these could indicate iron deficiency, and I am planning to get my ferritin levels checked.
-I am playing with some amino acids (tyrosin, 5htp and GABA) but cant say it helps yet.


It sounds like you are at least able to see some things that are helping and some that are likely causing/have caused negative effects; that's a really good place to be in my mind, and, you know that you are using everything out there that might help. I wonder if Dr. Klimas is keeping track of which patients respond well to LDN and which have setbacks... I'm always hopeful that someone is keeping track of this. That's great progress that your hormones are improved! And working on your blood sugar should be helpful too. I never gave blood sugar (at least not low) too much thought until I collapsed and was found to have low blood sugar. I have used a Jarrow formula "optimal glucose" (?? can't remember the exact name) multivitamin and I think it is a decent choice if you take a multi. Small steps are really good to hear about leaves :)
Good luck Leaves! Look forward to hearing about your appointment with Dr. Klimas :) Interesting about LDN. I think LDN has been helpful for me so far. But I have only been on it for 2 months now.

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