Sleep Apnea is back

So I had another horrible night of sleep. I was miserable when I woke up and had that burning again. I put ice and felt better. Got out of bed finally about 9:30am.

I had a Sleep Lynk and apparently my oxygen is bad while I sleep and have mild apnea again. So the dental appliance is not longer working, I am going to get another sleep study to try the mood killer (CPAP). SEXYYYYYY!!!!!

Overall today was a good day. Except for crazy diarrhea and the buzz, I felt pretty decent, I am starting to feel the rest is working. I didn't do anything but go to the dentist for a cleaning.


I am sorry to hear this.I I have OSA and use an APAP. The good news is that the appliances of today are much smaller, mine could fit in a shoebox. They are also much quieter. I wear the nasal pillows which fit over your nostrils and the pressure keeps them on along with a strap. I wore it all nigh, the second night , which is somewhat unusual as it usually takes some time to get used to it.

Here's a great site, if you don't already know about it, which has a lot of information and a forum where I have asked many a question.
Good luck.
Barb C.:>)
ONe thing I forgot to post. Most people are under the impression that you have to be obese to have sleep apnea. The majority of people with OSA do not.
Note to people: I didn't snore so that is another myth! The only give away is that I got PEM from sleep and felt the worse first thing when I woke up. Tx for the link!!!
Yes, I forgot to mention that. Thanks 7. There are other myths which I will try to find. Dang fog memory.:>)
I also forgot to add that my sleep neurologist said that even though this will help with the Excess Daytime Sleepiness, and dampen some symptoms, I still have FM/ME, IBS,Restless Legs Syndome, etc. so don't count on the CPAP curing my me?cfs/FM It has helped me get more restful sleep but not cleared up all my symptoms as expected, however it's worth knowing that the other health effects of OSA will be gone. Barb C.:>)

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