Silver Lining

So, I was having a pretty bad day yesterday. I think this was because I spent a lot of time late last week trying to cut through miles of red tape with my doctor, pharmacy and new insurance company regarding my valcyte prescription. At one point, my doctor basically told me that he thought the insurance company wouldn't cover it, which sent me in to a huge anxiety crisis. Then, because I'm an idiot, in a burst of nervous energy, I decided to clean up the fire hazard that is my home office (turns out there's a rug on the floor in there, who knew?), so I was hurting a lot.

But, miracle of miracles, praise Yaweh and Allah and Jesus and all the saints, the insurance did cover the prescription with only my usual copay for a non-generic drug. Also, yesterday my new mattress was delivered and I already have less back and leg pain after one night -- even though, being an impatient person, I couldn't wait for my husband to get home and my daughter and I carried it back to the bedroom and set it up ourselves.

Have come to realize that 2 things can make a huge difference in how I feel. First is sleeping until I am ready to wake up. This is not always possible, even though I am out of the workforce now, because sometimes I actually have to be somewhere in the morning or am rudely awoken by something, like my cat playing his favorite game of knocking my many bottles of vitamins off the dresser. The other thing is sitting in the sun -- even for just 10 minutes. I have a vitamin D deficieny and do take vitamin D daily, but I think it isn't as high quality as what I get from sunshine.

So there's a silver lining. Literally. :cool:
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