Sicker longer than I thought...

Hi Everyone,

In several of my earlier blog posts, I may have mentioned that I became sick in 1989. Turns out, I was a smoldering case prior to that and the "1989" was when I hit puberty and became moderate for the first time.

Research of my medical history and speaking with some of the researchers at Stanford this past year has concluded that I actually started my ME/CFS life at the tender age of 16 months and 17 days when I developed a fever of 106.5 degrees F while fighting a sudden onset Strep B infection.

This revelation has my childhood making so much more sense when viewed in the scope of having a mild, smoldering case of ME/CFS. Why I couldn't ever participate in sports that required any sort of endurance. Why I couldn't train for activities like all the other kids. Why brain fog was my constant nemesis in school and textbooks were a special type of hell. Why I could play outside and then crash and be barely cognizant enough to go inside. Why riding my bike was fun, but only for short trips - no matter the speed of the ride. Why I couldn't mow the lawn no matter what threats of punishment were suggested. *facepalm* There are so many memories that make sense now...

Hope this entry clarifies things regarding the discrepancy between earlier posts and future ones.

Brent / ArgyrosfeniX


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