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So quick recap:
1. College year in beautiful country with rudimentary infrastructure, ate around, caught every gastro bug there was.

We took antibiotics like they were aspirin. Kids! :woot:

2. 25 years later! Eating very little processed food, mostly grains beans & veg, kraut etc

3. Total health crash spring 2017, testing finds impressive levels of gut dysbiosis & SIBO

4. 1 month SIBO herbs = no effect

5. 2 weeks Xifaxan =fantastic effect! (but not all gone) :redface:

6. 2 more weeks Xifaxan..... Rebound! Xifaxan must be good for the little buggers after all. :bang-head:

So now...... prepping for elemental diet. I'm good with hard things, I've survived so far, I can deal with anything for 14 days right?

Nope, ND recommends at least a month. Maybe I'll try to read those oral histories of the gulag at the same time, you know, for perspective, and so I don't whine. So I'm grateful for my Amino Shake. :lol:HA! ! I'll probably just watch The Magicians again.

It's very sobering to be told your gut health is wrecked, drugs ineffective and only thing left (besides elemental diet) is, you know, FMT.

I don't even want to spell it out!

Other issues on hold indefinitely until this gets sorted out.

Overall energy level is improving and I actually have the occasional almost-functional partial-day at work. Still no energy for anything but part time work, but that's okay. I feel like I'm caught in an alternate time stream. Seasons are passing but it doesn't mean what it used to mean to me (hiking, gardening, biking.) Spring means..... pretty flowers in other people's yards! And territorial hummingbirds.


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