Show the "FORCE" - XMRV Clothing, Mugs, Bags, Buttons, Stamps, for SOK/CFSAC

Both the SOK and CFSAC are coming up and it seems like a very goood idea for those of us attending either/both to wear shirts that show how unified we are. I think the government needs to see that we are a huge and growing force of sick people who have had more than enough and are going to put an end to the games that the Feds have played with us for 30 years. We also need to show them that we intend to keep alerting the public about this new and highly infectious Retrovirus family. I expect alerting the public about something that has been kept on the "down low" by the Feds is NOT what they want but what they are going to get nevertheless.

So, unabashed and shameless marketing: Hit the link below and buy a tee-shirt and/or hoodie and wear them to the SOK and CFSAC. I LOVE the tee-shirt that alerts everyone about the XMRV in the blood supply -

My very favorite tee-shirt, hoodie and button has the following heavy-hitting slogan on it that really does grab people's attention - as witnessed by my husband when I wear it out in public and eyes are reading my back where the slogan is. Gets the message out and does get people asking what the whole thing means. Slogan on the back of the tee-shirts and on the button are as follows:

"XMRV a Newly Discovered Retrovirus Threatening the Blood Supply, Has Been Linked with ME/CFS, Autism, Fibromyalgia, Prostate and Breast Cancers, as well as Leukemia and Lymphoma."

I plan on wearing the light 3/4ths sleeve tee-shirt with the slogan to CFSAC so that the Feds can SEE what we are telling the public. In addition to this heavy hitter, there are many other great tee-shirts, etc. that also say cool things like "Do you have the X-Factor".
Think about wearing one of the shirts to these Federal government meetings and showing that we are indeed a force to be reckoned with now.

Look for a tall bottle-blond with short hair and a big mouth :innocent1: wearing the above slogan tee-shirt. That's me. I plan on wearing my now extensive collection of XMRV-wear all over Washington DC as I do here at home when out and about. Might send a tee-shirt to each of the Fed agency heads. Bet Thom Frieden at the CDC would LOVE to have one!! Ditto a few of the other "friends" we have that can't spell XMRV and have no real intention of ever being able to spell that four lettered word.

Join the force.

"See the Real Me,
Invisible No More,
Silent No More!"

Wear the Tee...


Here is the latest MCWPA bulletin...

CFSAC Dates Have Been Announced!

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee will meet on May 10th and 11.

We previously announced the Speak Up About ME Young Peoples effort initiated by Denise Lopez-Majano and other advocates, here is the link.

If you know of any young ME/CFS patients, please let them know about this important event.

In keeping with the Speak Up About ME theme, we are also offering two tee shirts options and buttons for the adult CFSAC attendees and other May 12th Awareness Day supporters. The two-sided shirt costs more, but speaks of the retrovirus on the back.

One sided Tee shirt:

Two sided Tee shirt with retrovirus message on the back:

$150 Million for ME/CFS Research Now button:

Please note that there are many tee shirt options available (mens, womans, fitted, loose, short sleeve, long sleeve, etc.). I do not recommend the Value Tee for quality reasons. I am ordering a long sleeve tee so that it can be draped over the back of my chair in view of the camerahehe.

If you order your tee by 3/31, Zazzle has a discount code for $5 off: STPATSDEAL11

Or for 10% your entire order, use discount code (good through 6/30): 10ZAZZLE2011

Lets fill the room!!! Invisible No More! Silent No More!

Here is the link to the CFSAC Meeting Announcement:

Dont wait to request a time slot for your testimony (in person or on the phone). If you are an adult, please ask for the 10th, we are trying to leave open the 11th for the young patients.

Cant make it to DC? Details for May 12 Awareness Day actions, that can be done on the local level or from your bedroom for that matter, will be forthcoming.

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