Self-revolution progress

A little while ago I blogged that I was trying to do things differently. I am happy (if not exhausted) to report that I have implemented quite a few of the things that I vowed to do.
-I am back in school, and making a B in my class (and good grief that is difficult, my mind definitely works better on some days then others). Luckily the online school has a disability department for my professor is aware of my illness. I am going to take two classes next round (they are 8 week classes btw), so hopefully my brain can handle it.
-I fostered a puppy over the direly cold week my area had. She was beautiful and it was suppeerr hard to let her go. my dogs got along with her famousless..And even though i barely got any sleep, it was super worth it.
-I have decorated every spare inch of my house because it makes me feel better to have everything pretty.
-I am trying to get some things knitted for the local homeless shelter for the holidays.
-My counselor is helping me with anxiety exercises that I am realllly trying hard to implement.

A drawback has been I have been having lymphatic issues because I know I'm going too hard and I don't know when to say 'when'..I am sure after the holiday season i can calm everything down, yet until January 2nd rolls around, I am sure I am going to find something to do with every spare minute.


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