Segment 2

I believe marked deterioration of my health began in 1999 after a number of vaccines in too-close of a time-frame.
This was from the prior post. I can't comment on whether or not vaccines in and of themselves are to blame. I'm not a researcher or scientist. Millions of people are vaccinated. The mistake I made was not waiting to space out the vaccines. I have ADD, and part of ADD is making impulsive decisions that are not thought out. Forgetting advice. Being head-strong. The ADD aspect of my personality and spontaneous/poor decision-making may have accellerated the weakening of my health.

After writing Segment 1, I remembered that in years prior I had some of the following: 1995 10 days of not being able to get motivated, staying at home. Going to doctors, even eye doctor, trying to get a diagnosis. I thought that perhaps I was depressed. 1997/1998 prior to vaccines, getting sick - only that instead of a full-blown cold I would just get run down and need to sleep for 2 or 3 days.

I was still exercising, working, doing art work and music....

Dr. Bell seemed to hint that something about being ADD may have something to do with the CFS. More on my visit with Dr. Bell another time.

Thanks for reading.


Nico, I, too, wonder if there's some connection between the ADD that you've had trouble with since childhood and the health problems (CFS) that developed later.
I think sometimes vaccines just push the system over the edge. Especially, as you said, several at once. (Which is what they do to babies now...) And of course thimerisol (Mercury used as a preservative) used to be common in vaccines, and I think mercury is evil ...

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