Seasonal Allergy, IBS and Cortisol connection. Thyroid, Adrenals and Coconut Oil pulling.

This was a reply I added to this post it was eye opening for me and wanted to share it here....

I do believe that I was getting the coconut oil into my system just from keeping it in the oral cavity. My last post above is enough for me to believe that is possible.

The initial reaction from the possibly bad (gram negative, candida, whatever we want to call it) bacteria was to completely shut down. I've read where candida (and possibly other) bacteria will change form to suit the environment. What I had was a complete cessation of IBS symptoms. Everything coming out looked textbook perfect.

As I often do believing I have finally found my main issue and fix I started all things coconut. Seemed that actual coconut ingestion helps IBS sufferers quite a bit. If the oil in the mouth helps then the actual particles which will make it all the way through the digestive tract should do even more.

During this time I had a lot of energy and was working out with weights in the morning. (I have been working out with weights for years and I know when to stop. I had my gym membership canceled the previous September and was attempting to do what I could at home and just joined another gym before I started pulling). I felt really good after these workouts and felt amazing after for most of the day until about 3-4pm.

But I got to the point I was really not wanting to go so early any more. I knew the familiar feeling of my adrenals getting tapped out. I stopped going altogether.

I know from taking thyroid boosting supplements that they will crash my adrenals and quick! I read in several places that coconut oil can help boost and repair the thyroid which adds up for me. It explains why I felt so good and why my adrenals crashed.

With my crashed adrenals I suddenly started experiencing "seasonal allergies" for the first time and my gut seemed like it was destroyed again with persistent IBS (lot of mucus and watery output). I was really getting worried about it.

I read that 80% of people with seasonal allergies have some IBS issues. Reading again found that there is a cortisol - IBS connection. So my low cortisol could be causing both the allergies and IBS...

A week ago I start taking cortisol boosting supplements. My mainstays are 5mg pregnenolone sublingual in the AM with a Jarrow Pantethine 450mg (deciding what else to add... licorice and/or PABA maybe) and like magic the gut is looking good again and not experienced a bout of allergies so far (live in the Southeast and it looks like Spring at the moment with lots of blooms and the pine pollen is getting very thick).

It was a little shocking to me to see that cortisol could contribute to my gut issues. But I experienced it first hand.

So I plan to repair the adrenals and then slowly (Shames ladder style) boost the thyroid with a conservative schedule of oil pulling. Perhaps starting once a week at first while supporting the adrenals this time. I think If I can climb this ladder I should be doing really well.


Have you ever tried aloe vera juice for IBS? It helps me a lot.

I think the brand is important, and this one seems to be very good quality:

I also had to stop eating dairy after I realized it was contributing to bowel problems. I tried hard to stay in denial about this, but had to admit that dairy really aggravated my problem. This is a recent intolerance for me, and may I say it's exceedingly sucky.

Another thing that helped me a lot was CBD oil capsules, but they make me feel weird. I tried them because my CFS doctor said they took care of his problem, one 10 MG cap a day. This is the brand he recommends:

Good luck! You guys are a really cute couple.

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