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Scotland calling..a solo travellers magic 2009

The beginning of adventure ......
I was already embarking on a spiritual path ..
I had a friend Jxxe . She was a far out kinda gal older than me in her early 50s . I 36 .
We met through another friend who I'd met at an osho retreat. The first time I went to Jxxe's house her vibrancy and energy was infectious .
We used to go and sit in 'Satsang ' with a guy who talked about having had a big ' ' 'awakening' after going through a big depression . The second time I sat with him I had this incredible dropping away of my exterior. I felt like ' this is who I am without the BS ' . I liked it , I liked it a lot .
The people I was hanging around were different, creative , caring , great fun and really alive ....i saw a side of me coming out that suited my nature a lot . I stopped drinking and taking party drugs going into AA and surrendering my crazy ingesting and behaviours. The purer life was where I needed to be. ...where I wanted to be.
I liked it😀🌻
Jxxe was really into rainbow 🌈 camp .. which was held in Gloucestershire in the west country. Taken from the world movement of rainbow gatherings ..
Wiki quote
Influenced by 1960s counterculture and the non-commercial rock festivals of the early 1970s,[8] Rainbow is a "revitalization movement" with many philosophies and practices that have roots in the historic utopian traditions of the mid–19th century.[9] The first Rainbow Gathering was held in Colorado, U.S. in 1972[3] and was attended by more than 20,000 people. In the 1980s, gatherings started to form outside of North America as autonomous, but connected events around the world.[9]

So off we went with her caravan in tow, music chiming and sunshine in our hearts ..
I'd never been around so many ' alternative folk b4... Jxxe introduced me to her seasonal friends and we set up camp . It was fun .
I got involved in much circle dancing , alive therapies , drumming , shamanic journeying , arts and fires at nite . I'd found my people ..
The rainbow people ..

Part 2
Scotland calling and a stay at Findhorn Foundation community ....
I visited Scotland twice before . Once in my 20s to visit friends I was living in Liverpool at the time . We drove up to Glasgow for what felt like forever and then got thoroughly lost in this large city . Eventually we found her address and the gang of us proceeded to stay in the flat the whole wk end due to freezing weather with the heat on and smoked the green stuff until we reached nivarna .
The second time was in my 30s with an ex we flew from Bristol to Edinburgh and a friend the same friend fr before , picked us up . We stayed with her for a night before driving up through the Highlands to Fort William . What a stunning trip it was . This was the furtherest north I'd ever been , a new magical world.of mountains , lochs and people who spoke funny . I loved it and thus a part of my heart was left there .
Forward a couple of yrs and I'm due to fly again this time solo on a calling mission to finding myself . Flying into Inverness to stay at the renowned Findhorn Foundation Europe's largest spiritual community founded in 1962 by Eileen Caddy and her husband .
https://www.findhorn.org/about-us/f...ional community,spiritual path for many years.
The retreat I went to was led by Jeff Foster. Jeff was then ( about 2009 ) lesser known that he is now in the non duality or has he expanded it the duality world.
I arrived in the area on the Thursday a day before the retreat and left on the Tuesday or think it was a day or 2 later after wards.
I got the bus from Inverness airport to Forre s the name of the place which was slightly inland from Findhorn ( which is coastal). It was a new adventure, new Territory oh the feelings that come with that! Lush...
I think the women who was hosting me for the night picked me up from the bus stop but I cant quite remember now. At her home was a lovely big lounge with a log burner and a kitchen which looked out over a edge of the forest garden - bliss. I also saw red squirrels which I'm sure was for the first time! Rare to see in England but more in Scotland.
She was a nice lady and it felt homely. She was a healer and so the house had that energy.
The following morning I went over to Cluny Hill the place where The Findhorn Foundation hold there retreats and have a community of people living there to help everything to run well.. A former Victorian Spa hotel the house / building is absolutely beautiful and striking.
When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to feel it was warmer climate here - yep the area is known for its micro climate hence the growing of veg, herbs and flowers do so well.
A man was standing outside the house wearing a cape and smoking a pipe. A younger man, eccentric and interesting ' I'm gonna really like it here I felt.

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It's almost as if I can't write the next part because it's so beautiful its a bit painful .
Scotland had my heart and the skies looking to the north . I have such deep yearning to go there to be free and alive with the north lands ...
Ohhh, just reading this fir the first time.
You’ve had an interesting life Emma. Back in 2009 ish I was so into reading osho. Ha, I can only imagine what you experienced at an is no retreat.

I really appreciate some of Jeff fosters writings. How incredible you guys got to experience transmuting and finding your cores in a setting like that.

That had to be a really life changing experience you describe to suddenly feel
Everything fall away. Almost like entering a tunnel to not exit the same person. Remembering the truth under these skin suits we walk around in. Amazing what can occur when we are open and allow layers to peel away.

Not always easy work though. I remember in June 2007, I had this strange timeless moment and huge epiphany of my true nature and our true reality. In my backyard. Hard to capture in words. Immense peace hardly describes my feeling upon this realization. Then, the next day I had a nervous breakdown after drinking a bottle of tequila (due to anxiety and hosting a party) aaanndd then I entered another tunnel and rather quickly! Oh my the duality inexperienced in but 48 hours. Ha… I shall end that segment there.

Thank you for sharing a part of your journey here. I really look forward to hearing more of Scotland from you. And I’m super excited to see you active on the blog! ✨☀️✨
It's almost as if I can't write the next part because it's so beautiful its a bit painful .
Scotland had my heart and the skies looking to the north . I have such deep yearning to go there to be free and alive with the north lands ...

Yes, you will know when and if the time is right to cathartically tell your tale. 🙏 sending you much love. 💖
Ah yes suuuch a colourful life.... I left my home town when 18yrs and lived many places in the UK... Grateful. Some get this syndrome young soo sad...
Ah Osho there is a retreat here in Dorset called Osho Leela... Had some great wk ends there so much dancing and laughing. One wk end I met these 2 Spanish girls and we laughed so hard being silly dressing up . The retreat had a big closet full of dressing up clothes and accessories much fun! ✨
The last time I went was about 4yrs ago I think...

Jeff foster... He was so little known then in comparison to now. On that retreat he was hanging out with us 3 girls we went to the pub!
Did u know he got Neuro limes disease not long ago he was very very unwell and suicidal ( he spoke publicly about it) . He also talked about inner child work and how it helped save him . Due to his following huge sums of money was raised and he got specialist top treatment in Germany . Last I heard he had made a good recovery.

Spiritual experiences can be wonderful hey...
And so many of us experience fragile mental health too...

Or now in our case physical health also..

God certainly is open for us having the full collidascope of existence in this journey on the blue and green ball!

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