Scientific skeptic James Randi on homeopathic remedies.

Well, where do I start with that? There are more things on heaven and earth than are dreamed of in James Randi's philosophy. Is this part of a larger presentation advertising his foundation?

First of all, I will give my background. I have been using homeopathy since my teens. As I have gained more experience, I have become more aware of its power, damage as well as healing one can do with it, and in this latest phase of my life I have only so far been able to ameliorate my symptoms using homeopathy.

I found this a simplistic, rude and insulting lecture, with very little real understanding of the issues involved.

Under the discipline of Homeopathy we use tinctures of the crude substance, up to a 10M dilution. But each impact of the succussive process raises the potency. So remedies are not as dilute as he makes out. We have the hadron collider, we are into nano-technology, yet simpleton science still rules, apparently. Or is it just greed?

The more dilute the remedy, the deeper the action, so for long standing illness one goes higher in potency. New problems are treated with low potencies. Proving, finding out what a substance can do, is usually done by the investigator on himself.

Homeopathic remedies have to be kept cool and dark, and away from strong-smelling substances. Therefore, what you buy in the local chemists is unlikely to be of any use.

It is not a case of this particular remedy cures this particular illness in everybody. It is necessary to take a case, understand the whole person, using a repertory and materia medica and in simple terms, empower and arouse the persons own immune system, and it is that that is curative. A trigger, if you will.

There are homeopathic strategies that always seem to work though. Arnica 6, taken before a tooth extraction, or invasive operation, reduces post-operational symptoms. Arnica 6 again, taken after physical shock, is always helpful, in my experience.

If you bang your thumb with a hammer (or hurt any part of you that has multiple nerve endings, Hypericum tincture will take away the pain and reduce bruising.

Post childbirth stitches heal up miraculously if bathed with a dilute tincture of Hypericum and Calendula - I amazed my midwife many times.

Cochlium works for motion sickness, unless it is caused by fear, in which case its ignatia.

I could go on. I do go on

Is it aconite I used to take if I felt I had a cold coming on - it always worked, whatever it was.

Let me tell you a story or two.

My second daughter was 5 weeks old, and was having trouble feeding. I worked out that she had oral thrush, and that she needed Antimonium Tartaricum. I didn't have any in the house, but I was pretty desperate, so I gave her ant. crud. and ordered Ant. Tart. The Ant Crud did no good, but the Ant Tart arrived by post the next day, and an hour or two after the first dose she was feeding happily. Demolish that if you can.

I fail to see how the placebo effect can be relevant in the successful treatment of animals, or five week old babies.

My first girl was three, with a fever, and I realised she had not had a pee for ages. I worked out that she had a urinary infection, and that for her it was apis mel. She was lying, poorly on the sofa, I gave her apis mel 3x by mouth. and bathed her private parts with a dilution of the tincture. The floodgates opened, I was so happy about the massive accident on the sofa, by teatime she was fine and bouncy, temperature down and eating well.

May I say that I know there is an important place for surgery and allopathic (conventional) remedies as well as homeopathy, alongside? And herbalism. If it works, don't knock it.

Complex illnesses in older people are the hardest to treat.

I think the current down on homeopathy has a lot to do with pharmaceutical companies and moneybagses.


I understand the confusion re homeopathy. The classic explanation given to me didn't make sense. However, this week I developed intense itching in my vaginal wall under the bladder. It was so bad I wanted to die. I have interstitial cystitis and the itching is referred neuropathic pain. I brought an article to the specialist I see that talked about compounding medications in creams. One of the formulas contained traumeel, which is considered a homeopathic remedy. The specialist I saw is allopathic and a researcher. The article was written by a well known allopathic physician. The specialist uses a compounding pharmacy and I've developed a relationship with one of the pharmacists. I told him my idea of homeopathy and he explained to me that the traumeel in the compound would not be a minute substance and it was being used because antiinflammatories like NSAIDS don't do well in creams. The reason I was using a compounding pharmacy was that I react to almost all bases that the traumeel would be in if I bought it over the counter and he said he could make sure I got enough of it since it is not a prescription and is not FDA approved. Unfortunately it doesn't help, but the compounded creams with prescription meds didn't either; I needed really strong oral meds.
However, I want to add that I did this with a doctor who is also a reknowned scientist. I have a friend who believes EVERYTHING the homeopath she sees tells her. I got a severe case of shingles, was not seen in enough time to get an antiviral injection and was in severe pain for three months. I actually was scheduled to get the vaccine a few wks after I got the shingles. When my other friends saw how sick I was they all got the vaccine, except for my friend. She assured me that her homeopath could cure her of post herpetic neuralgia. I had called a good alternative physician hoping he could help me and he said her homeopath would have to be a miracle worker and that since shingles can kill you if they reach the brain, he wondered about his ethics and knowledge.
I have not had good experiences with acupuncture and alternative practitioners but many people do.I have noticed that some of my allopathic physicians have integrated what would be considered "alternative" and "homeopathic" treatments into their practice. They are not "integrative physicians" who use conventional and alternative treatments, but good physicians who think "outside the box."
James Randi is an idiot.....That was only funny too people who have no idea what homeopathy is, if they did they would really know he is an idiot.
Nat Mur is Sodium Chloride, of course, and an effective remedy for certain conditions, in its potentised form. Are you saying it has no effect on the human organism Knackered?

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