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Wayne posted this on another thread. I wanted to open it up again as as I have an interest in sauna

I have a sauna - a non-infrared one. Sometimes I feel great afterwards - much increased clarity and a general sharpness of thought - and sometimes not but in general it also usually drives me later on in the day into that postexertional state. I've wondered if this has to do with increased heart rate?

In any case, my question is how different is the infrared sauna relative to the 'bake and broil' sauna that I have? Would I expect to have markedly different results in it? ( I wonder if I can make my sauna into an infrared sauna?)


You can find a lot of information on infrared saunas at Clink infrared sauna at the top of the home page and you will find all the information on the right side of the page that comes up. There is a lot. I was told to find my temperature by when my skin starts to glisten. I have settled on 108 F. I was doing 130 in a sauna with a combination of carbon and ceramic heaters. People seem to think carbon alone is better. Hotter is not better. I tried one for a few months and now I have my own. Thye have a lot of styles. It is great to be able to shower here and not rush home. The company was great and followed up on everything. That site seems to have the most information. I got a one person one, looks like a little house, huge see through door, very well made.

Infrared saunas are all heaters, don't think you can change the one you have. You will see in the pictures on the site.

I was a little wiped out at first..did it three times week. Now that I have my own I do it once a dy for 30 minutes. It has helped a lot with detox and with pain. I love it!
Depeneding on the level of your "ME CFS illness" heat can sometimes cause "Cytokine storms" which make you feel worse in my experience but if you are feeling better it is obviously having a positive effect on your system. I had to quit using my Hot Tub because it would drain me so much after wards even though it helped the pain at the time.

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