Saturday Night Dance Party


I just watched some West Side Story type dancing, in your honor.

(wish we all could move like that, again or, at all?)

(dancing wasn't happening in my adult life...somebody asked me once, if my husband took me out dancing, and the answer is no. And the look on that man's face...he felt so sorry for me)....(he takes his wife out dancing every Sunday)
(a different culture than my boring culture which doesn't hardly dance).

My daughter, she really got into a particular type of dancing with her exotic boy friend. And they would head up to clubs, to hear the special music.

She told me once that the whole room was watching her, and her boyfriend this one evening. And I almost could imagine it, what that might feel like.

But not quite. Im so glad she got to have that experience of this dancing.
Good Morning @sunshine44,,,,,,Well, that got my Sunday a.m. off to a rollicking start. Did you notice the people in the audience look like back-up singers/dancers?

I want to fly out of bed, spin around the room and be young again. Music is good for everyone. Thanks! Yours, Lenora.

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