Sad 20th Anniversary of ME :(

I was taking the survey, which is a good idea, and I look forward to the results. I am also saddened by it. I have been suffering well over 20 years now. Many PWCs have been for 10 to 20+ years. I am too tired to write more.


Mine is January 7th, and it's been twenty one years. I hate that week of January now. And it is incredibly sad and awful.
I am glad I don't have a time of year that marks my anniversary. That would be very sad. I was commenting about the "International May 12th Awareness Day". 20 years but some of us have been sick much longer.
sorry to hear youve been ill so long...ive not been ill that long...i try not to add it most bad things i just try to not think about the dates and number of years ..but it was 2005...i cant forget that...and like most ive lost so so much..and its heartbreaking

i hate it because i feel like the real happy busy me died...and all thats left is a shell of what i use to be.

20 yrs is a long time...i cant imagne how it must have been to be diagnosed then...even now when they are making clones of things and doing all kids of research that sounds sci-fi
they still havent made much progress it seems with these illness..and still so many even the doctors who are suppose to help us dont even believe in it or treat it like its a papercut...

so you should be very proud of yourself for always being so supportive and strong on here for so have alot of wisdom and knowledge to pass around to those of us who hasnt been ill as long...
Hi SickofSickness - Sending you much love and strength. I am so sorry.

You have a whole community of people that 'get it' here, we are here to listen if you have the energy to vent more.
I passed a significant milestone last year. I have now lived over half my life with CFS. Wow.
20 yrs for me too. half my life! i hate thinking of where i would be if this hadnt happened. which degrees i might have had...which challenging job...if i would have gained confidence in myself..if i would have been in a healthy relationship with a loving man...maybe i would have a lovely child. i just hate thinking about these things....about how i will overcome the anger, the loss, the emptiness i might feel even if i do get better.

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