Round 3 / Day 3

Hello Everyone,

Started taking the valganciclovir on the evening of 3/20. Here what I’ve noticed since then:

Day 1: Woke up quickly and noticed that my brain fog was significantly reduced! Sweet! And then it came back again 3 minutes later. Then clear headed. And back yet again. Once up and going for the day, I noticed that my energy levels were corresponding to the brain fog. The whole day was akin to someone at a stoplight that doesn’t know how to drive a manual transmission. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Energy. No energy. Energy. No energy...

Day 2: Very similar to Day 1, except each side of the irregular cycle seemed to last longer. Both days had me suddenly exhausted at the end of the day - rather early at 9pm too.

Day 3 (today): Today, I was just exhausted. Had a difficult doing anything worthwhile. Hoping this is an aberration and not how the next few weeks are going to go. Also trying very hard to write this entry before falling asleep.

Will write again soon, and hope to have more stamina to finish the entry on a solid note.
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