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Round 3 / Day 0 - Yay!!

Hi Everyone,

The valganciclovir finally showed up in the mail today. Took the first dose this evening just after dinner. The plan is for two (2) tablets daily, taken with dinner as you’re supposed to take with a fatty meal, and according to my previous blog entries, they make me sleepy (so dinner’s the meal).

Hoping these take effect sooner rather than later as I missed work today due to PEM/PENE. Need to keep the job at all costs. It’s a beautiful job that fits me so very well. 🙂

Last time I did this, I added information about my weight, fatigue level and pertinent lab work. I’ll be doing that again to some extent, but the scale will be different. I’ll be using an ad hoc scale that I use with my family to tell them how I’m doing on any given day.

The scale is from 0 - 5 as follows:
0 = Fully or mostly bedbound.
1 = Partially bedbound / Fully Housebound.
2 = Low Energy Day (may or may not be able to work).
3 = Medium Energy Day (able to work, but little else).
4 = Increased Energy Day (work & maybe more).
5 = Normal person threshold (never here anymore).

Weight: 262 lbs
Scale for Today: 1 (1/5)
Labs: Next lab work, end of April?

Changed from “Day 1” to “Day 0” to more closely correspond to when the valganciclovir starts being active in the body.
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