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Hi all,
I am new to your group and am very impressed with the PWC's who post on this forum. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1990, but in looking back, I also had MCS's, cognitive dysfunction and many symptoms, except fatigue

I eventually got involved with the fibro community and have spent much time educating patients how to cope. I overcame the pain of fibro, but in 1996 developed EBV, CMV, and POTS. I worked on a research study for biofeedback and POTS with BLair Grubb, MD.

For a number of years I coped ok with the fatigue, with periods of near normal activity, and flares when I "did too much"

Three years ago, I took a job in a hospital where my office was filled with mold, and I have been sicker than I ever have since then.

I have found so much good information on your site and applaud you for all your efforts.


Thanks Rosebud, it's great to have someone with so much experience on the forums. Imagine getting sick from mold in a hospital - it's just disgusting! It reminds me of the sick building scare at the EPA. When will they ever learn?

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