Room Removal and Relocation (Day 3)

Not Burying the Lede:

1130PM - I just tested negative again on the rapid covid test.. 3x so far. Yay!

I am rather sick, so it must be the "normal" flu or some such. And being sick is an odd sensation for me, not having been in the past decade (besides having covid). My immune system is typically hypervigilant. Or, as I prefer to say… Hypervigilante!!!

With the night nurse I just discussed not having me put back into the general population until I am well. I DO NOT want to combine this flu-like illness with covid. So I am hoping they will keep me in here for at least 10 days (which is also ten days from my last known direct exposure), while she suggested 14 days, just to be safe.

Note: since I have no "medicine" history to speak of, I cannot be given Tylenol without approval from the doctor.. so I'll have to wait until tomorrow (I should have requested pain relief at a reasonable hour.. UGH).

The following was from earlier in the day -

New Terrain

Last night I decided to email the nursing staff, suggesting that I be separated from my roommate for a few days, to see if I indeed tested positive for covid. The morning and evening nurse had already advocated on my behalf, suggesting that we be kept apart in lieu of a positive covid result for me.

As it turns out, I am sick now anyway, so it probably wouldn't have mattered. I have a sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, headache, body aches, and minor chest congestion. Then again, I've returned two negative covid tests. So perhaps, coincidentally, I have some other kind of cold/virus.

After their staff morning meeting, it was decided that several of us would be moving to the other end of the building.. each of us being negative for covid thus far.

Meanwhile, my roommate was left behind. His breathing difficulties seem to be worsening, based upon his oxygen numbers.

So, I am looking forward to my next covid swab. But I'm not sure when that will take place. And I'm guessing that I'm positive now.. maybe?

This room is large, nicely decorated, and clean.. and more importantly, quiet. I don't hear much of anything. I am also right up against the window. So I see the parking lot. An open field. A car wash in the distance. And then some medical buildings and a parking garage off to my east-northeast. And also if I angle my head slightly, I can see the mountains to the far north and east.

For me, all the window views are special and perfect. Plus, I have the window open. It's been in the low 70s today. Tonight's going to be down into the 50s. Then we have a chance of rain off and on for the next 7 days. Which is a rarity. And it's going to be cold.

Son Told

My son called me by video today, and I finally confided that my former wife dumped me. He was concerned, but I explained that my life is much better here, right now, far better than it had been recently. He didn't seem to believe me, but I found ways to convince him. I hope…

He just finished up his semester in school, and seems to be up to his usual things. Working out. And working his garden center job overnight.

What I continually find fascinating is it doesn't seem that there's anything I can teach him anymore. He knows everything that I know. And perhaps more. I almost don't know what to say to him conversationally, as most of these years past have been all about teaching.

So mostly, we share about our daily happenings.


Today I received my first Christmas gift since 2014! Hooray? Well, yes. Angela stopped by my room and dropped off my gift. A baseball cap. Which is good. And a Christmas stocking with my name on it. She drew a picture of The Grinch on there as well.. giving him facial hair like me. On purpose!

It was a nice gesture on behalf of the staff. If I am understanding correctly, they gave gifts to all 200 residents.. so, busy day!

Oh. I may choose to consider the gifts given to me by you (Wall Art) as Christmas gifts, too! Either way. I am grateful.

I think I'm going to cut it short right there. I'm kind of tired. Feeling okay though. Generally. Overall. I'm gonna nap, and then try to watch the basketball game tonight. Too bad I can't wear my Sun's shirt that @lenora purchased for me (it's in the other room).

Thanks for following along. After not having been sick in nearly a decade (besides last year's covid experience), I'll do my best to report the ups and downs of the common cold.

Well, perhaps I won't. :)

Take care,




Well, @Howard, I was really hoping you would escape any illness and I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well.

I gather that they didn't give you the flu vaccination....or did they? I doubt it from your reports. Yes, there is definitely a cold out there also. I had it brought home as a present from Rod when he went to San Francisco & picked up at the airport....he thinks.

Anyway, it's about 2 wks., and is a real nuisance. You'll spend a lot of time coughing if it's anything like me. Since the doctors haven't been around yet, don't forget to ask about things like cough med, something to relieve the build-up of mucous that may come and an inhaler if one is needed. Just telling you from my experience, in addition to any pain relief.

Well, you have some palm trees to see the tops of. Your local version of a Xmas tree, right? Gosh, how many rooms have you occupied in the last few days?

Do hope your former roommate (2nd one) is doing you think he was particularly weak? I'm sure he'll miss having you around.

So you received an early Xmas gift....from Angela, of the socks (right?). Very nice and I hope your son will leave something at the front desk for you. Bummer to be isolated for the holidays, but then as we get older we learn that everything isn't a Christmas Card.

Talk to your son about yourself at his age, what you did, leave out anything you don't feel comfortable with. I've found they love finding out about their parents at younger ages. I'm sure you have many happy and funny memories to share with well as some that aren't so great, which are also good for them to hear. So put on your thinking cap....they exist in your mind.

Sending you wishes for a peaceful and healthier Xmas Eve and Day as I probably won't be on the computer tomorrow. I'm sorry this has happened to you....again! Keep us as informed as possible, but don't feel compelled to. One answer is more than enough...we understand. I hope you don't get really ill. Wishing you well. Yours, Lenora.
Hey, @Howard

I'm sorry if I come across as a "downer" but I want to let you that the rapid COVID tests are not very reliable. The gold standard is the more expensive PCR test, which must be run through a laboratory.

If you feel worse tomorrow, you might consider asking for a better, more definitive PCR test.

My thinking is that an accurate test result may better inform your care going forward, especially if you were to take a turn for the worse.

Of course, I hope and pray against that, but this knowledge could be helpful, one way or the other.

I hope you are on mend soon!

I'm including a link to explain the rapid testing issues.
I'm sorry if I come across as a "downer" but I want to let you that the rapid COVID tests are not very reliable.
Yes. True. They gave me that test two days ago. But apparently I'm positive now anyway. I knew exactly when it hit, too. Shivering and chilled to the bone. But now it's fever (plus other symptoms), so I've got the window open right next to me (back in the old room now).

My roommate is still on oxygen 24/7, but they say he's doing better. I cannot hear a darned thing (besides the portable generator), so I'll have to take their word for it.

Anyway, I got through this before, so why not again?

I know that the past year has been
more challenging for you than usual,

but you’ve made difficult, courageous decisions,
and the rewards for that will start showing up
in the coming year !!!

So onward and upward :rocket::rocket::rocket:,
Let your days be merry and bright
And may 2022

Bring peace, love, and light
It's Christmas morning, @Howard. How were you last night and how are you feeling today?

I probably had/have COVID too, the rapid test doesn't seem to cover all days, so who knows? I want you to know that my hands were thoroughly washed (including antibiotic soap) and the envelopes were moistened with tap water....just wanting to be sure that I wasn't passing things to anyone.

I open my envelopes from the bottom to prevent catching anything....but the mail has been so darn slow, I doubt that it's possible to catch anything anyway. I'm a bit of a germ nut, which I'll freely admit.

So, we're staying home today. It seems that our grandson here has developed COVID (after being with about 20 people last night), so our daughter is cooking and delivering an early dinner for us and another for themselves later in the day. A shame as this is the 2nd Xmas we've been separated b/c of COVID. Well, that's OK, everyone is health, happy and doing whatever they want to do.

Our other daughter phoned from the catamaran they're on to wish us a happy Xmas. Probably the safest place they could be at the moment...they've been on it for 8 days already. Of course we're in our usual place....home!

So really, all is well and for that we're grateful. So you aren't alone, Howard, in having your plans disrupted, but you'll have to be in isolation for the next number of days. Not optimal, I understand. Holiday wishes for a non-eventful Christmas Day for you, your roommate and all of the kind nurses you've had. Yours, Lenora.
Thanks for the well wishes. Roommate still on oxygen, They think he's okay.

Tylenol is helping me a lot. Temp back under 100° again (yo-yo action) - heart rate down into the 90s - oxygen 93% - urine very dark, no obvious reason (running straight water now instead of formula/water) other symptoms tolerable now

So yes, for any of you future Covid infected, Tylenol makes a huge difference

Back in the old (new) room - empty parking lot on xmas day
Enjoy the holiday! :)

Is that a creche scene on top of a pole? They sure like palm trees in your area!

I hope both you and your roommate feel better soon, @Howard!

We got a used keyboard Yamaha from somebody local for thirty dollars, so I can plink on the keys. My grandaughter can turn on all the levers and buttons.

thats fun!

I hope you can eat something soon.
We just had a great Xmas feast delivered to us courtesy of our daughter and wonderful son-in-law (with the son who has COVID).

To be honest, two Christmases in one day is too much for me (we were going to open our gifts from each other tomorrow, but since Xmas at Sylvia's was cancelled, we went ahead and opened them....too much, even that.)

Very sweet of our daughter to deliver a wonderful dinner along with their presents. I hope that everyone who celebrates Xmas has a wonderful day and that the New Year will bring better health for everyone. A discovery? Well, we never know from day to day. We can only be hopeful and thankful for what we do have. Happy holidays! (Whether before, during or after Xmas. May you find peace.) Yours, Lenora.
HI @Howard.....Terribly sorry to hear about your roommate. I assume this is the 2nd one you had, is that right? Poor man, let's hope he gets some relief soon. I'm sure the fall didn't help him any either. Is he in ICU again? I hope so.

Glad that your oxygen levels and heart rate are back in the normal range. It really isn't much fun to have illness on top of illness is it?

I hope the nurses have been checking in regularly and you haven't had any more misses feedings. Feel much better, please. Yours, Lenora.
Sorry to hear that roommate isn't doing well, Howard. However, he's in the best place to help him at this particular time. Let's hope he's stronger than we're thinking.

How are you feeling today? I'm sure it's just a depressing situation the whole way around. What about testing? Have you had any more? Yours, Lenora.

Howard, I am so, so sorry that you have to suffer through Covid again. Your nursing home adventures could truly make for quite the memoir or miniseries!

I'm curious, does your advocate know that the nursing home kept you in the same room as someone who tested positive for Covid for several days? As soon as your roommate tested positive he should have been isolated so you would not have continued to be exposed to the virus. This continued exposure may have resulted in a more serious case of Covid than otherwise. The actions (or lack thereof) of the nursing home goes against guidelines, and it's unconscionable. I do think it's worth bringing up when you feel better.

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