Right of return

Evocative phrase, provocative in the ways, it challenges power, power of entitlement, the imperial power that with the stroke of a pen disenfranchises populations and makes beggars of them.

Are we refugees because of illness or the response of those with the power to support our cause who choose to look away, or worse.

As this monster rips away our lives, those that know us show fear then contempt and then are gone and as outcasts we must fend for ourselves.

Being 'sent to Coventry' a common expression where I come from (about 10 miles west) was the worst sanction imposed on a transgressor of the social order, often in the car factories. It was to be ignored, blanked, you were a non-person shunned by all on pain of joining you. Since I was diagnosed no doctor has acknowledged ME, and who am I if not me.
The imperial power of medicine looks over me, it thinks it has looked me over but it hasn't seen ME


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