Researching Minerals

Currently researching Minerals, especially sources of Trace minerals to hopefully cover the bases during Methylation supplementation.

This link, from Divine Health, is even better than the one below

Macro-minerals: Calcium • Phosphorous • Potassium • Magnesium • Sulfur • Sodium • Chloride Trace Minerals: Iron • Boron • Chromium • Iodine • Manganese • Molybdenum • Selenium • Silicon • Vanadium • Zinc • Lithium • Germanium • Rubidium • Cobalt • Copper

This following link provides information on a pretty comprehensive list of popular minerals.

Contains Trace Minerals not found above: Chlorine, Nickel and Silicon.

I have all these in singular supplement form except: Phosphorus, Silicon and Nickel.

I have Potassium Chloride which I think covers Chlorine. I don't there are any supplements of only Phosphorus available.

Loving Our Guts really good article here on anecdotal symptoms of certain mineral deficiencies.
Divine Health article here on mineral depletion causes.

UPDATE: The last week I have been taking mostly minerals with little or no B vitamins and feeling very good and much more mentally stable than I have in a long time.

Not sure if I have been deficient in certain minerals but it's very possible since the mineral content of the food is constantly diminishing.

I'm trying to cover my mineral bases so to speak by supplementing what is available and then trace minerals will be gotten from a quality Sea Salt. (I have some sea salt now but it's cheap stuff and not sure what I'm getting, just ordered a pound of Klamath crystal salt).

I have ordered a multi mineral that includes calcium-phosphate for phosphorus. One of the most abundant minerals in the body and one of the hardest to find in supplement form it seems.

I've been taking 2 Jarrow Mineral Balance capsules in the AM. Then taking in proportion to what the body uses most of to least: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium. (1-1 Cal <-> Mag) and usually more Potassium than the Magnesium. Jarrow Zinc Balance (15mg Zinc, 1 mg Copper), Solgar Chelated Copper (2.5mg), 75 mcg Molybdenum and Jarrow GTF Chromium. I'm also taking small amounts (tablet nibbles) Boron, Manganese, Selenium, Iodine and Vanadium and on occasion small amounts of Iron.

Before bed: Dr's Best Vitamin D 2000mg, MRM Complete Vitamin E, Beta Care-All Vitamin A.

Starting today to take 500mg Vitamin C @ lunchtime

Other Minerals to test: Lithium and Germanium


Hello! I just came across this article and was wondering if you are still taking all the minerals separately or have started taking a multi-mineral supp. I am low in Potassium, Copper, Phospohorus, Selenium, Cobalt, and Iron. I plan to take dandelion root for the Iron but not sure how to address the others. Was told Cellfood? I am currently taking a multi-vitamin, Yasko's All In One which is doing great, milk thistle at night, and Yasko's BeCalm spray. I am just confused about how to incorporate the minerals. Anything would help!
I do have a good Multi Mineral I would recommend is Natures Plus "Ultra Min" or without Iron is "Mega Mins". They have the highest percentage of chelated minerals of anything else I've seen. I also take Potassium Gluconate, KAL brand Magnesium Glucinate, Boron, Selenium and Coral Calcium in addition if I think I need it at the time. Not sure how to tell you how to incorporate these into your regimen. I usually just take one in the AM.

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