Reporting from a Supersaturated Covid Jurisdiction

Symptom Status

I'm fine. Or at least, in most instances I am getting there. Since early this morning (Monday) my chief complaint is a semi-regular cough. So that's not much to complain about. The fever, elevated blood pressure, sinus / facial pain, and body aches, are no longer much of an issue. So hurray for that!

Isolation Days (are here again)

I've spent three full days in isolation, plus today. And depending upon the rules in place, it may be an additional eight days (or perhaps upwards of twelve) that I am kept in my room. Much depends upon how I test. Or if I test. And / or what guidelines are currently set in place (it truly seems there aren't any, according to invaluable sources). The administrative staff has yet to share any relevant details.

Update: they just locked down the entire unit, based upon five covid-19 cases in my unit, as well as several active RSV cases, plus two flu cases as well.

Beyond resting, I've got plenty of free time to re-engage with my bed bound activities, the kinds of things I did to occupy my time for six years consecutively, day in and day out. One of those includes the creation of a motivational screensaver for my laptop. I need to keep my mind focused. That's right, focused, not necessarily mindlessly occupied.

Because of this development, I won't be going to the Social Security office this week, nor to my scheduled dentist appointment, and not the urologist either.

Making music? Yes, that'll be something I can work on (energy allowing). And clearly, I now have time to write.

News: Well that sucks. I just attempted to reschedule with the urologist, and they're going to make me wait until mid January. The woman seemed disproportionately displeased with my cancellation actions.

The medical transport people were none too pleased either, as I had to cancel two separate trips.

Come on people, it's not like I have a choice! I will covid all over your asses if you really want me to!!!

Absence is Bliss

I'm still waiting to see a nurse. Or a doctor. Or some sort of medical professional. I'd like them to take a listen to my chest. I need some professional stethoscope action, analysis beyond and above what I am capable of doing on my own. But there seems to be very little concern regarding my condition. Perhaps my not having a fever is dictating their actions. No fever, no fear. My new motto. And perhaps that should be yours, too!

Oh, and I found this surprising. So, I tested positive Friday evening. And I was thinking the nursing home administrators would notify staff members who'd been in direct contact with me. Right? Does that make sense to anybody else?

Well, apparently that's not the kind of thing that happens here. And maybe it's due to HIPAA regulations. Which to me, seems like a stupid way to exist.

The same CNA I had Friday evening came into my room to say "hello" to me, and I informed her that I tested positive for covid-19. She was rather surprised. But how could she not know? Do they not share this kind of information with employees? The staff should probably know which residents are testing positive and which aren't. Then again, she's easily distracted, this particular CNA. She's addicted to her cell phone.

In the meantime, this pregnant and often distracted CNA (please note, there are other pregnant CNAs in our unit) went home to her multiple children and mothered them throughout the weekend, not knowing that she may have been directly exposed. Or perhaps it doesn't matter. These people are young and strong and so on and so forth. I'm also being told this covid strain isn't as severe as the previous models.


Staff members keep coming into my room, grabbing additional items and a few pieces of furniture to bring back to my former roommate's new abode, just down the hallway. I'm glad his possessions are being removed, the many many leftover items he didn't grab in days past, but my ability to nap has been repeatedly compromised. The trade-off is that I get to see other humans up close and somewhat personal, even though it's in passing. The maintenance guy came in to help move things. So did one of the social workers. She did most of the work.


My neighbor (and sometimes friend) Dora keeps asking if I am dead. She calls out my name regularly, whenever she needs help, or whenever she's freaking out. But for now, I cannot respond in any way, shape, or form to her hails. And really, I don't respond all the time anyway. Admittedly, that would be too much work for me.

Beyond her, I cannot fix anybody else, solve anybody's problems, nor comfort everybody who needs comforting, either. Although, I wish I could. It's just not my responsibility, and I need to remember that.

What tipped Dora off is that she hadn't seen me since Friday. And typically, I'm fairly visible, rolling up and down the corridors with great frequency and determination.


We had our yearly fog event this morning. Sometimes we go three years without fog. It's the desert. So it's not often that we have excessive amounts of moisture. But it rained all day Saturday here. Which was nice. Yes, very nice to see those drops falling and falling and falling. And the clouds were welcomed, too. Easy on the eyeballs.

Patient Patience

So now I wait to see which decisions come into being. Well no, I'm not just laying here waiting. I'm also working towards recovering. One nice thing is that I have no responsibilities. The pressure I place on myself to do things, to get out there, to accomplish and achieve, is nowhere to be found.

I apologize for the boring read, as my brain is kind of mushy. The big words aren't flowing. And the humorous anecdotes are few.

Take care,



HI Howard......I don't know. At the rate you're going, you'll end up with the flu and RSV. Who can tell all of them apart (I guess it doesn't matter). Just watch that a cough doesn't go from bronchitis to pneumonia.

This business of isolation is becoming an annual event for you in December, isn't it? Doctors' appointments are really hard to get until well into March even. Remember that for next year.

Sorry that you're being held captive. You could imagine what being in jail or prison would be like.....guards are apparently friendly as are the CNA's.

Can you receive mail....or is that a no-no when in isolation? Feel better and please stay that way. Yours, Lenora
Dude, covid again! You need a swift removal from the germ factory into a less germy environment. It's like your living in an elementary school... and all us parents know that is just a kind title for Germ-Factory :yuck:

You'll just have to keep olde Dora on her toes guessing. Maybe it helps keep her occupied and less prone to "freaking out"? Maybe your lack of response helps her focus. ;)

Fog - love fog, always have. No fog here today, just rain, rain and more rain through till tomorrow night. Very odd for here as we are usually covered in snow by now.
This business of isolation is becoming an annual event for you in December, isn't it?
Yes, we have six total cases now and these residents are all immediately adjacent to my room or a couple of doors down.

Can you receive mail....or is that a no-no when in isolation?
Yes, Mayo is fine.
Mail is fine.
Please, no Mayonnaise.

I never did much like it even when I could eat food, back in the old days! LOL
You'll just have to keep olde Dora on her toes guessing. Maybe it helps keep her occupied and less prone to "freaking out"? Maybe your lack of response helps her focus. ;)
I was instructed to make verbal contact with her this afternoon, so... with my door temporarily ajar, I sang out loud, a couple of free verses. And she seems to have settled in a little bit better.

In regards to the weather, you may be missing out on yours, but we just had a very cold November. Nearly 5° below normal. Not many months like that anymore.
With all the fuss dear Dora is making…deep down it’s kind of cute that she cares that much for you I think:love:
I just realized that she and I are among the only people left in this unit that were here last year around this time. Paul is the other person. And that's it, besides one other gentleman at the opposite end of the hallway.

Dora does care what I think about her, so a couple of staff members use this against her sometimes. Whenever her behavior is out of control, they mention my name, insinuating that I am displeased with her behavior (typically, anything related to her making excessive amounts of noise).

Sure, I am displeased. Being awoken at all hours of the night as a result of her random yelling IS rather unfortunate. But I'm not sure using this kind of leverage against her is appropriate. I mean, it works. For a while. For a few days at a time she may "behave" so that I do not suffer unreasonably from a lack of sleep.

Anyway, I suppose there's nothing wrong with using me in this fashion, as something or someone that motivates her. Nothing else seems to work. She cannot be redirected, because she's too darn clever for her own good!

@Howard.....Still hanging in there, are you?

Ah, Dora. Well, why not let your name be used....if it helps someone else in the same unfortunate position of no sleep? Remember when you were in that position and you'll help her when you return to the other wing. Maybe send her a Xmas message. That will cheer her up (or frighten her to death).

This is most unfortunate but seems to be the reality for many in nursing homes matter how much they cost. One would think the solution is fairly simple, but I guess not. Sorry that you're kind of "stuck again" Howard. I'm glad that you can at least receive mail. Yours, Lenora
Love the foggy picture! Its super fabulous for my Analyze the Picture distractions I enjoy doing.

the intensely strong contrast, with the foreground car being so crisp and the two white lines then lead the eye back to the foggy vapors and mists and SMIRR (thats a Scottish term I once heard and immediately wanted to use the term)

I find distraction to be pivotal to my ongoing success.

It sounds nice, actually, your break, a bit forced, but now its quiet and calm in your room!

Meanwhile, I got as far as resentment that you have COVID and these folks would like you to show up for your appointments and give it to them.

Right on!
It sounds nice, actually, your break, a bit forced, but now its quiet and calm in your room!
That's right. The break isn't so bad. I just miss communicating with other human beings. My next weekend I should be out and about, I suspect. I hope. :)

By the way -

My little sister is a flippin' meatball - ughhhh

And I shall spare each of you the excruciating details.

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