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Originally started writing this as an answer about GET - realized it worked better as an entire blog post! GET (graded exercise therapy) f you exercise while in an anaerobic mode, it's like switching your Lamborgini over to a few D batteries and pushing the pedal to the floor. And then it's like tons of people telling you if you just keep switching out batteries or push the pedal harder you'll go back to having that full tank of gas prior to the illness.

It's never going to work and will always break down muscle, which is the greatest fuel source available when your cells have oxygenation issues.

I saw the problem, the cells in my muscles and body needed fuel oxygen and sugar, but I also figured they couldn't get fuel because intramyocellular lipids were gumming up my cells (some people say intramyocellular lipids are all from added sugar, other from concentrated fat sources and the two camps pretty much have been at war on the Internet for some time -- I'm not touching that steaming pile --), I knew my problem went beyond a blood sugar issue, that it wasn't simply insulin resistance - I had an Amino acid issue, I had a fat issue, but unfortunately a lot of people say - hey - just exercise and you'll get rid of all metabolic issues, but of course -- back to the Lambo -- you can't work out consistently if you have no fuel, not in an anaerobic state, and if you do you're going to regret life for a while (PEM, muscle breakdown) and it's torture.


I was going to the bathroom every five seconds it felt like, and I would tell my doctor this and they would just shrug it off and laugh like -- 'eh you're getting older' (I go to the bathroom a lot because I had high blood sugar levels which they never told me was a potential cause) and when I had 3 going bad heart valves -- 'eh, this happens to everyone pretty much in the modern world.' And when my blood sugar was borderline diabetic -- yeah you guessed right, no one cared.

What I found out is that at least in my little neck of the globe that doctors see so much metabolic damage that it's considered "normal" and worse that there is nothing that can be done about it. When I mentioned I had picked up a plant strong diet and had gone all in eating fruits and veggies I was met with horror and criticism pretty much but I had nothing to lose.

I found out that when you urinate constantly to regulate your metabolism you lose a lot of B1, Thiamine (which causes a lot of fatigue see the disease Beriberi). That's easy to supplement, but really I just wanted to fix my metabolism. And that is what I've been working on and sometimes now - I even make it through the night with only one bathroom break.

Get oxygen to the cells - that is the quest.

Whatever my DNA profile is, there is something in it that says, "does not run on saturated fat - please do not give this lambo saturated fat or distilled Omega 6 fats - thank you."

I had a high fat diet, which I didn't really I guess I thought they were healthy fats - Mederteranian Diet approved even. I spent a lot of money just getting 'good stuff' and local dairy butter from grass fed happy cows (it's amazing by the way). I didn't really slather everything in oil and I was careful about it, but when I got educated about what all had fat and how much I was pretty surprised that my diet was really fat heavy and not in omega 3s.

So I had to dump all the oil and fat in my diet and that's really hard to do, and I didn't manage it perfectly - it's a work in progress.
I had to up my fiber intake dramatically but along the way have discovered I'm very allergic to peas and can't eat canned tomatoes.
I only eat grains in the evening. I can't eat oats, guess I'm allergic to them also. Thinking about ditching all grains besides rice / corn, I know I would feel better. And yeah, I ditched the sugar too and all the bad stuff -- trying to!

I'm stuck still taking amino acids. I'm stuck having to have protein shakes after I workout - not that I'm not building my swole bod - no I just don't recovery adequately without amino acids. I get gastritis, GI issues, constant cramping, non-stop pain, swollen adenoids, insomnia, mood swings, etc.

The wheels come off -- but part of me wants to be 100% all natural!!! I don't want to pop powders, pills, potions or stupid crap I buy on the Internet anymore. I honestly haven't figured out how to do that though. Part of me feels like I'm failing a bit.

One of the things I noticed about four years ago is that if I pop L-Tyrosine within 20 minutes I feel better, it helps control my anxiety and OCD.

I still want to know, why do I have to take amino acids?

Well, I got a long way to go.

I had tried Vegan before and it didn't work for me - at all - I didn't really know before that I'm allergic to oats and most grains and peas and can't eat canned tomatoes. Knowing that has really helped this time around. I also avoid a lot of starch stuff and anything that will spike my blood sugar - well I try to, I'll be honest, sometimes I eat crap. Like tonight I had a few toasted marshmallows. Love those darn things, They're totally crap and they're not even Vegan, just being real here.

But anyway, yeah, trying to oxygenate my cells, haha -- I'll try to keep posting updates now and then especially if I relapse and this all turns out to be a bit of a goose chase.

I've been getting up every morning with the sun, get in some hydration and then get to work exercising. It's not pretty - but it's happening.

Stay hopeful my friends! We can do this. And be careful all of y'all out there -- don't trust this Internet and these pills and cures people are selling, even if it comes from me (and you know I'm dope!) I know we'll do anything to get well, but some of the 'procedures' out there are frickin' scary. I know on Facebook I was constantly targeted for health scams because of the group I belonged to. They make my 'eat more plants and greens' routine look pretty pedestrian. haha Keep on fighting. Love you guys!


Have you tried an ibuprofen before bed to reduce urine production? That works for me, though I don't do it often.

How about MCT oil for energy?

Btw, are CK (Creatine Kinase) tests elevated for you, in relation to muscle breakdown?
I tried vegan too but it didn't suit me. When I was really REALLY unwell at first I was craving sardines drastically straight after feeling nausea. I knew my body was asking me to listen. I bought canned sardines and got stuck in. Then eggs again and eggs, fish and spinach were my good friends when I felt really bad.
That would be different for everybody I know. Not everyone can live on what I eat! haha
I wanted to be vegan for compassionate reasons. But it does not suit my body's needs right now. But still love my veggies, nuts, fruit etc.

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