Remission Day - Week 3 kinda gluten free -Lower LDN

OMG I have a cold, as I mention before colds get me in remission, I feel great (Apart fromt he cough) but ME wise I just wanna kneel and cry like a litttle girl and bless my luck. Just to have a day of clarity and control of my body again is amazing. Feel normal is just priceless. I don't think we really know how bad we feel because I guess we kinda get used to it.

My only changes have been lower LDN to 1.5, just because I run out of 3mg pills but I just feel better on it anyways so will stick to the 1.5 instead.

I keep excercising but I am trying to do more bike and less wights, so far has been working wonderful.

Since I have been gluten free (cheated twice), My pain has gone away, or not sure if it is as I reduced the excercise, whatever it is I am happy where I am so will stick to this for a while.

I am averiging 3,000 steps at work and up to 5,000 a day. In the mornings is hard to go through a flight of stairs and it does get easier as the day goes on. I can walk all I want and even bike but going up the stairs is difficult or carry stuff (even my purse).

Another observation: White tongue for me equals low hydration (I think potasium) I noticed and weight 2 pounds less and my BP and HR we off too. I am glad to finaly understand the link with crashes and white tongue.
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There's no such thing as partly gluten free. You have to be very strict to exclude ALL gluten. If going gluten free seems to be helping but you are having trouble maintaining your discipline, literally think of gluten as poison to help you avoid it. You wouldn't want to eat poison, right?
yeah but like I did with Milk I need to test in and out and see If I feel a difference. I am getting back with more discipline :) How long I wonder I have to make it without.
If you have a cold, does that mean your immune system is becoming more 'normal'? The only cold I've had in years was a few months ago - it lasted 12 hours. Very strange.
Yeah same here my colds go really fast. The doctor never comment on the colds and periods phenomena. Still a mystery of why it relieves me of symptoms

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