Remission: completed 1st university semester with minimal struggle and top grades

The 2nd half of 2015 has gone very smoothly with relatively few setbacks. I've been taking a mitochondrial support protocol including acetyl L carnitine, alpha lipoid acid, coQ10, NAC & vitamin E. I have also been eating a sugar free, mostly vegetable and organ meat rich diet as well as taking immune support supplements such as Olive leaf extract, zinc and vitamin C.

My improvement has been very gradual, beginning in late 2013 when I first began seeing my doctor that has a special interest in chronic fatigue. I have essentially progressed from being unable to fully complete my secondary education due to illness to achieving excellent results in my first semester of part time university study.

To my grand surprise, I passed with flying colours. Although I had a few occasions throughout the semester where I felt lethargic and unable to study, I made it through with a GPA of 6.5 (max 7.0 in Australia.) For those of you have are unaware, I am currently studying a bachelor of health sciences. I did particularly well in human biology (achieving a high distinction) and out of sheer curiosity discovered that the completion of this 1st year subject was the only prerequisite required to apply to a medical degree, if you had not completed the prerequisites during your last year of high school.

I'm at a point where I am seriously considering applying to medicine, as I believe that my body can take it provided I do not place other extra stressors in my body. If I do not suffer a relapse during the time I am at medical school (provided I actually am offered a place!) I have genuine reason to believe that I will be given the unique privilege of learning about the workings of the human body and having both the perspective of a patient and potential practitioner if I do succeed.

It has touched me tremendously how supportive people are in this community, in spite of diverse capabilities and level of illness, as well as the varied educational background of users. Although I have not posted much, the information and support I have discovered and received on this website has been beyond valuable.

I hope to update with more positive news shortly, but until then know that there IS hope and possibility of the alleviation of your suffering in the future (hopefully near) and I will do everything in my power to contribute towards the awareness and genuine treatment options for illnesses like ours.


so happy for you! what do you think helped the most? the supplements or the diet? is your diet grain/legume free like paleo?
thank you @ahmo , @Kathevans and @hellytheelephant! @Riman I think it was a combination. I definitely began feeling solid improvement after beginning these supplements but it was furthered by my strict adherence to diet. I can't say I'm paleo as I do eat rice occasionally (always with protein and some fat tho) but I don't eat wheat, nor dairy, minimal fructose (ie. no very sweet fruits, eat mostly berries). I also do eat lentils, it's not a staple part of my diet but I haven't shunned all legumes. I also drink kombucha and take probiotics which seems to be beneficial.
Wow, congratulations! I am newly diagnosed and this is so good to hear! Good luck with your studies and continued good health!
CONGRATULATIONS ! and yes, go for Med School ! Your contribution to every kind of patient would be invaluable - considering that you perfectly know what 'being sick' means. Although I hope you get a complete remission one day soon :) Keep it on !

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